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Here are a few images from the site with some of Borat's legendary quotes alongside!

Errrrrr... You have nice tits!

And my shoes is good? It is from the Shoe Express in Oxford Street

mmmm - it nice!

Last night I have sex.

High five! High five!

You big nose!

And will there be a woman where you go and... Have sex with them?

Because you are English Policeman! The greatest police in the force!

Hello, I like you. Everybody say, "Mad Dog and English Gentleman go dance in the midnight sun".

You are not a... homosexual?

they watch, they talk, they do business, they watch a porno, with a man and a woman, we see one with a shaven pussy. Very exciting to see...

Breasts, breasts, like errr... tits?

But the most fun is to kill a little animal with a shotgun or rip him up with a wild dog.

You have big bollocks?

Everything is cricket? This is cricket?

There is no more bears in Kazakhstan.

Is called, "Dancing Dog and Cat". They dress the dog like a family Royal, like Prince Elizabeth, one with the crown and they dance.

Countryside Protest

I come to Henley Regatta where old English gentlemen look at young muscley boy in a boat shaped like a man's hrÓng.

But they are fantastic in a kitchen, in a bed, but in a sport?

This is English humour!

Borat proceeds to congratulate each one by kissing them on both cheeks.

Thank you. May I ask... You are man who does with another man?

Mow the f*ck.

This why I meet Mrs Heskell who teach me how to flirt. So I can do a sex with English girl.

After how many minutes can I say, "Hello do you want to do with the sex please?"

And what do we do now Nick?

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The Unofficial Borat Homepage

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