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Borat's Guide To America, Episode Four: Acting
Borat spells out using his hands what he would like to do with an American lady

In Episode Four of Borat's Guide to America Borat travels to New York to take some acting lessons. Borat visits Charles Di Cagno at the Acting-Drama Therapy Center.

Charles explains to Borat that he will do an improvised situation with a young female actress. He must pretend they are in love and try and persuade her to leave with him that night for Kazakhstan. Borat is clearly troubled with this, he would love to meet a lovely young American lady and take her to Kazakhstan, however, he already has a wife. However hard Charles tries to explain to Borat that it is only going to be acting, our Kazakhstani reporter seems to be struggling more with the problem of how he will keep his young mistress away from his wife when they get back to Eastern Europe *.

Actress wannabe Jennifer DiFrancesco reels away in laughter at Borat's reaction

All of Borat's Christmasses have come at once when he sees the beautiful young actress who is going to do the improvisation with him, a very pretty blonde girl by the name of Jennifer Di Francesco. As Jennifer runs her fingers over Borat's thigh the transcript is as follows:


Jennifer: (seductively) "So I know you have to go back soon, but I was wondering... on your last night... We could have a really special evening?"

Borat: (very quietly, obviously worried about the camera) "You want to talk?" (Borat shifts uneasily) "...away from the camera?"

Jennifer: (shocked and a little loud) "No!"

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Borat throws a "curved ball" in whilst talking about Acting.

Borat: "Is Freddy Mercury homosexual?"

Charles: "Is Freddy Mercury homosexual?" (stunned) "I don't know if I am qualified to comment on that."

Borat Quickie...

What was the name of the film Borat starred in back home in Kazakhstan?

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Borat moments to remember...

Borat goes for an audition for a play at the Chelsea Studios New York City. He tries to land the part by acting out a scene from his latest film in Kazakhstan. Borat evidently played a Kazakhstani detective called "The Locust".

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23 Dec 2003 - The top left picture of the panel has been pixelated by email request. One of the three members of the panel did not want their picture on the site.

Borat Online: You want your picture removed? Fair enough, can you at least give us some inside information on what it was like to be with Borat for a while?

Panelist: I think he was re-enacting a Jackie Chan movie. Also, there was a lot cut from that segment. I will tell you this--he sang a most awful rendition of the song "Memory" from Cats. I don't want to comment on my fifteen minutes of fame. My job is to get people famous (definitely not to become infamous!). Thank you for honouring my request.


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