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The Big Breakfast and the Famous English Newspaper The Sun* reported that Borat may not have appeared on the Ali G show on Friday (21.04.2000) due to complaints from the Kazakhstan embassy. 

extract from the sun

Famous English newspaper - The Sun - 24 April 2000

Embassy first secretary Talgat Kaliyev reportedly fumed, "We can take a joke like anyone else. But this has gone too far  - it's a form of racism. His moustache is nothing like the typical Kazakh moustache. He looks Turk or Arab. His character is nothing like our people and there is no torture of animals in our country. The horse is like a saint. We want Borat banned."

An Ali G insider was said to have replied, "They've no sense of humour. We don't know what they're complaining about."

The Unofficial Borat Homepage contacted The Sun and an insider said, "It was a bank holiday weekend - we had been drinking for three days and had no real stories so we thought that this would fill up half a page nicely."

* The Sun is the most popular of all English newspapers. It is famous for its unique style of news coverage, pictures of girls boobs and whipping up public opinion over right wing issues.

The Daily Telegraph** also reported on the story. It is basically the same story just padded out with long English words to try and make journalist seem more intelligent...

FIRST Ali G, the spoof comedian, was accused of being offensive to black people. Now the latest character from his creator, Sacha Baron Cohen, threatens to cause a diplomatic incident. This week Kazakhstan's embassy in London will complain to Channel 4 about Borat, the fictional Kazakh television reporter in Da Ali G Show, and his portrayal of menfolk in the Central Asian state. Talgat Kaliyev, the embassy's First Secretary, said that 'a real Khazak' bore no resemblance to the reporter, who stuns his interviewees with his delight in shooting bears and watching naked women wrestlers.

Mr Kaliyev says that the character could damage his country's reputation and embarrass the 1,500 Kazakhs in Britain. He said: 'We understand we are in a foreign country and everyone has the right to express their opinions. But he is absolutely nothing like people in Khazakhstan. His moustache has nothing in common with the typical Kazakh moustache. He looks like some Turk or Arab.'

The character of Borat was created by the Cambridge-educated Baron Cohen after the success of his previous persona, Ali G, a parody of youth culture. The notoriety of the fictional gang member from the 'Staines Massive' made it difficult for him to find unwitting interviewees for his Friday night series.

So Borat was born.

The supposed reporter from the Kazakhstan Broadcasting Corporation has been on a mission to investigate the nuances of Britain. He has questioned foxhunters about the merits of hunting dogs (rather than hunting with dogs) and has taken etiquette classes from Lady Chelsea.

Mr Kaliyev is irate that Borat portrays Kazakhs as cruel to animals when he claims that a love of nature is part of their culture. He said: 'Kazakhs are traditionally nomads, it is their way of life. The horse, for example, is treated as a saint. I cannot understand those people who agree to make an interview with Ali G - like higher classes, MPs. What do they see from associating with him? I would never agree to an interview with Ali G. The television watchers will see how he insults you, makes you absolutely look stupid and a fool.'

In Kazakhstan, the British Council said it was worried about the character. Liliama Diglou, the council's director, said: 'This is a wonderful place, with wonderful people and you have to be very careful how you treat bilateral relations.'

Baron Cohen has been accused of encouraging racism by black comedians who say Ali G perpetuates a negative black stereotype. Channel 4 declined to comment on Kazakhstan's concerns and would not say whether Borat would return after the six-part series finishes next month. The character surprisingly failed to appear on last Friday's show.

The channel will be relieved to learn that despite the embassy's concerns, Borat - at least for now - does not top the Kazakhstan government's agenda. When the Kazakhstan foreign affairs office was contacted, a bemused official said: 'Who is this Ali G? We have not heard about him and we have other work to do.'

Kindly taken from The Daily Telegraph without permission.

** The Daily Telegraph is the least popular of all English newspapers. It is bought by people who have left University, have a finance job in the city who pretend to read it on the train in a failed attempt to appear superior to Joe Public who reads The Sun.

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