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Note, here's a few answers to frequently asked questions:

Are Borat's catch phrases, songs really Kazkhstani? They sound Polish and/or Hebrew to me.

They probably are Polish or Hebrew.

Borat is offensive to people of Kazakhstan, it is typical Western humour laughing at those who they think they are better than. Would you agree?

No. Rubbish.

Borat is laughing at the English and Americans he interviews and exposing their perceptions of people from foreign countries. To a certain extent Borat takes this a level further when his character expresses anti Jewish feelings, Sacha (Borat) is Jewish himself, he is simply laughing and exposing those who are like this.

I am a massive dance fan and love the jungle track played between sketches on Da Ali G show, where can I download it?

Don't know.

Where can I get the videos/DVDs from and can I watch Region 2 DVDs in America?

Check out Amazon and search for Ali G. In terms of watching Region 2 DVDs on DVD players not made to support this format we could not possibly recommend doing a Google search for the words "DVD", "hack" and "region".

Finally, many, many thanks to all those who have contacted me over the last few years to say that they love the site. Thanks also to all those who have contributed with behind the scenes information and photos, mp3s and flash soundboards - great stuff!


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