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In Da USAiii Indahouse Innit Bling Bling Aiii

- To view nine deleted scenes from the Borat Movie click here

Below is a clip hosted on YouTube.com of Borat singing the well know folk song "In my country there is problem".

And the trailer to the movie is below:


15/08/04 DVD Release for North America at last!  

  Da Compleet First Seazon

For details on how to buy, see Amazon.com or shop around some of the advertising links to the left of this page for a cheaper price.

An excellent review of the DVD and its extra features is given at DVDTalk.com.

The outrageous comedy/reality series stars British chameleon Sacha Baron Cohen, who travels across America in the guise of one of three totally different characters. Cohen's primary alter-ego is Ali G., who calls himself a "hip-hop journalist", but who's really a white rapper-wannabe. When Cohen isn't putting Ali G and his "guests" in unusual and often delightfully uncomfortable situations, he's shedding his yellow gangsta track suit attire and slipping into two other memorable characters: Borat, an impossibly naive TV reporter from Kazakhstan, and Bruno, a gay, Austrian fashionista. Each of these characters will be traversing America, exploring different aspects of our culture, and interviewing real celebrities and dignitaries.

This release is Region 1 (US and Canada only). If you do buy it online, you may have to find some inventive way of playing it on your DVD machine. We could not possibly recommend doing a Google search for the words "DVD", "hack" and "region".

29/10/03 Great News for Borat Fans!
  Two great bits of news for Borat fans today.  

  1. Double Ali G DVD out for Xmas.
  All the very latest details at Amazon.co.uk, but the current release date is Monday 17th November. The fact it is a double DVD suggests that it will not just simply be the standard 80 or 90 minutes "best of" footage, with a scattering of unseen stuff. A double DVD suggests that it will be loads of extra stuff from the top drawer. A screenshot of the DVD cover is shown to the left.

  2. Ali G in Da USA - Series 2
Chortle.co.uk are reporting that Sacha Baron Cohen has signed to do a second series of Ali G in Da USA. This means another 6 episodes of Ali, Borat and Bruno in America on HBO. No news up on the HBO Site yet, but keep checking for further details.

  Again, anyone with any insider information or promotional freebies - send them on to the only Borat site on the Internet.


Ali G, Bling Bling - Release on Monday 26th November 2001Ali G, Bling Bling

  Official Blurb:
  Ali G is back with his most exciting video ever. Meeting unsuspecting celebrities with no idea who he is, these interviews are as unforgettably hilarious as the classic original 11 o'Clock Show interviews.

 Included is a remarkable interview with former Vice President Alexander Haig, Ali's stunning encounter with "real life" ER surgeons, his on-location guide to gang warfare in South Central L.A. and other favourite USA moments never previously released on video. Also including Ali's hilarious interview with Posh & Becks filmed for Comic Relief.

  From Alig.com:
  Dis be da name off me new video dat iz already havailable or will be havailable soon dependin on wether or not u iz readin dis before when it is havailable or after it has already become havailable. It contain a load off stuff dat was to good for da telly, hincludin a bit dat woz cut out of me Chronic Relief intraview wiv da Beckhams. Me can’t say hexactly wot appened let’s just say dat David left da room coz Brooklyn needed his shoes changin, me had a ‘private’ chat wiv his wife Victoria or ‘Nosh Spice’, as me now calls her. As well as film of dis (halledged) incident, dere iz also half an our off Borat and some new American intraviewz.

  And inside information:
  "...there's a new Ali G video out at Christmas, featuring plenty of new Borat material, including a recut version of Borat learning to play cricket, extended guides to the Edinburgh Festival and bowling, and an all new guide to politics."

  If you are wanting to buy online then www.amazon.co.uk and www.play247.com are doing deals for around 12 quid for the Video and 15 quid for the DVD (Non-UK fans would need a chipped region-2 DVD player).

  ...Again, stay tuned to this site as last year we were giving away free videos that we were sent by Ali's PR Company.

Ali G, Aiii - Release on Monday 20th November 2000Ali G, Aiii

"Ali G Aiii, is a 100 minute compilation of the  highlights of Da Ali G Show, including 30 minutes of previously unseen and uncensored material. Also making his video debut, courtesy of Kazakhstani television, we introduce Borat.

New footage includes Ali in the U.S. with NASA and the National Rifle Association and features Paul Daniels and Peter Stringfellow in interview. Also on this video, the most memorable moments from Da Ali G Show - interviews with guests Gail Porter, Mohammed Al Fayed and Jarvis Cocker, Ali G at the Cannes Porn Film Festival and much more.."

The video and DVD will be available in all good high street stores. You will also be able to buy it across the internet from sites like amazon, bol, whsmith, jungle, hmv etc. etc. Talkbalk Productions can of course send me a free signed copy by emailing me at webmaster@boratonline.co.uk. (thanks)

Four Borat sections are included:

1. Borat's Guide To Etiquete
2. Borat's Guide To Hunting
3. Borat's Guide To English Gentlemen
4. Borat's Guide To Henley

Borat's Guide To English Gentlemen is previously unseen footage. This was rumored not to be shown within the original series due to complaints received by Channel 4 from Kazakhstan Embassy

The Unofficial Borat Site has acquired an official press release from the nice folk who do Sacha's PR. This is displayed below...


ALI G, Aiii

The video that the whole of Berkshire has been waiting for has arrived! Ali G, the notorious gangsta rapper, straight outta Staines, is back with some of the classic clips that made the Emmy nominated "Da Ali G show" the TV sensation of the year.

Featuring the best bits of the series as well as over thirty minutes of previously unseen footage, "Ali G, Aiii" is set to follow on the massive success of "Ali G Innit", the biggest-selling TV comedy of last year.

Re-live definitive Ali G moments such as rappin' storekeeper Mohammed Al Fayed, Ali's tuneless serenade of Gail Porter, plus his visit to the FBI and the Cannes Porn Festival, as well as brand new antics including an unforgettable interview with Paul Daniels, Ali's trip to NASA and the alternative Kids Wiv Kurrage Awards. 

Also, making his video debut is Borat, the Kazakhstani reporter. Featured on the tape are all his highlights from the series and a previously unseen guide on how to be an English gentleman, including an hilarious encounter with Peter Stringfellow. 

Sacha Baron Cohen has come a long way in the last year, having gone from cult comedy personality on the 11 O'Clock Show to one of the most widely recognised British talents of the year. Twice BAFTA nominated, winner of the GQ Comedian Of The Year Award for two consecutive years and the Best Newcomer at this year's Comedy Awards, he was also asked by superstar Madonna to appear in her video for the single 'Music'. 

Now with over 100 minutes of hilarious sketches including half an hour of never before seen uncensored and uncut footage (he's keepin' it real!) "Ali G, Aiii" is available to buy on the VCI/C4 label from all good stockists priced £15.99 (RRP) on VHS and £19.99 (RRP) on DVD, certificate 18.

"Buy this video so that the West Staines Massive 
can get mashed this Christmas aiii" - Ali G

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