The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The essential guide to the Borat Movie

Borat the MovieNovember 2006 - Borat Cultural Learnings of America for make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan was released.

It was the best comedy of the year by far according to visitors to imdb.com. Sacha Baron Cohen won a Golden Globe for the Best Actor (Musical or Comedy). Sacha Baron Cohen, Anthony Hines, Peter Baynham and Dan Mazer got an Acadamy Award nomination for the Best Screen Play. Neil Strauss from Rolling Stone magazine said quite simply "One of the best comedies of the last decade".

Since Borat's first appearance in March 2000 on UK TV boratonline.co.uk has been part of the journey. We've posted guides to the UK episodes, USA 1, USA 2 and all DVD extras. This is the guide to the movie.

This page is one big spoiler. So if you haven't seen the movie - move away from the page now.

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1. Village of Kuzcek | 2. Hobbies and Reportings | 3. Arrival in New York Citys | 4. Reportings on Humour | 5. Pamela and Feminists | 6. Great News about Wife | 7. Learnings about Automobiles | 8. Washington DCs | 9. Television Appearing | 10. Rodeo | 11. Gypsy Treasures and "Wassup Wit It" | 12. Nest of Jews | 13. Protection | 14. Society Dinner | 15. Luenell | 16. Antique Store | 17. Dispute with Azamat | 18. Shit Times | 19. Fraternity Boys | 20. Mr. Jesus | 21. California Arrive | 22. Pamela Marriage Proposal | 23. Return Kazakhstan | 24. O Kazakhstan |

1. Village of Kuzcek
Village of Kuzcek

Borat introduces us to his home village and we meet his neighbour, his sister, his mother, the town mechanic and the town rapist "naughty, naughty!".

"Here is a VCR recorder and this one plays casettes"
(Borat shows off his latest gadgets)


2. Hobbies and Reportings
Hobbies and Reportings

Borat is a television reported for Kazakhstan TV, we see footage from him on television and he introduces his Producer Azamat Bagatov. Borat then says good bye to his friends in the village and his wife.

"Go kids! Crush that Jew chick before she hatches"
(Borat provides commentary to the Running of the Jew festival)


3. Arrival in New York Citys
Arrival in New York Citys

On arrival in New York Citys Borat is confused by escalators and the subway, but basically he wants to just make friends with the locals. Unfortunately not all locals want to be his friend, especially after he loses control of his pet chicken on the subway.

At the hotel Borat is delighted with his room after at first thinking the elevator was where he was staying. He then proceeds to explore New York and wash his underpants in the lake in Central Park.

"Hello. What your name?"
(Borat greets a man on the subway)
"My name is 'mind your own fucking business'"


4. Reportings on Humour
Reportings on Humour

Humour coach Pat Hagerty explains that family retardation and sex within the family is not considered funny in America.

Borat learns that a 'not joke' is where you make fun of something by saying 'not' at the end. Borat doesn't get it.

"This suit is not black"
(Borat can not be taught how to be funny)


5. Pamela and Feminists
Pamela and Feminists

Flicking through late night American TV Borat stumbles across CJ Parker (Pamela Anderson). He falls in love.

The following day he visits a feminist group to learn more about women. Borat argues that a woman has a smaller brain than a man and that this has been scientifcally proven. "Listen pussy cat, smile a bit!"

"Everyone says that in America TV is so much better. But this I watch for 3 hours and it does not change"
(Borat complains about the welcome channel on his hotel TV)


6. Great News about Wife
Great News about Wife

A man comes to Borat's hotel room with a telegram. Borat asks the man to read the telegram out to him.

"You're saying my wife is dead?"
(Borat asks the telegram man for clarification)
"Yes, errrr... that is what the telegram says"
(Telegram man)
"Hi five!"


7. Learnings about Automobiles
Learnings about Automobiles

In order to travel to California to marry Pamela Borat must learn to drive.

Women driving cars and not being allowed to drink confuses Borat a little. However, Borat soon gets the hang of winding the window down and shouting abuse at the other motorists.

With a budget of $650 Borat buys an second hand ice cream van to drive across America in.

"Use two hands"
(Driving instructor)
"But then I look like I am holding a gypsy when he is eating my hram"


8. Washington DCs
Washington DCs

On the way to California Borat's first stop is Washington DCs. Borat meets US politicians, feeding one of them cheese from his wife's milk.

What Borat believes is a traditional American street festival turns out to be a gay festival. Borat is not aware of this, but doesn't seem to mind and invites two of the revellers back to his hotel room.

"We drink like normal in Kazakhstan, we wrestle like normal in Kazakhstan, then they say 'we wash you in the shower'"
(Borat tells politician Alan Keyes what he did the previous night)
"Are you trying to tell me that man who tried to put a rubber fist up my anus was homosexual?"
(Borat struggles to come to terms with Keyes analysis)


9. Television Appearing
Television Appearing

Borat makes an appearance on a local TV channel. Following an live interview that does not go to plan Borat then walks across weather man Ken Johnson's during a live weather broadcast and introduces himself.

"Before we start can you tell me where I can make a urine and then I come back here? If you tell me one minute before we start"
(Borat live on air)


10. Rodeo

Borat is a guest at a rodeo. During an interview with owner he is advised to shave is moustache off so he looks Italian and not like a Muslim. Borat clears up his religious background by saying that he "worships the hawk".

Borat's appearance to sing the national anthem does not go down well with the crowd as he nearly starts a riot.

"In Kazakhstan we take them to jail and then finish them... High five"
(Borat discusses homosexuality)
"May George Bush drink the blood of every single man, woman and child in Iraq"
(Borat indicates to the audience where his loyalty lies in the war on terror)


11. Gypsy Treasures and "Wassup Wit It"
Gypsy Treasures and 'Wassup Wit It'

Confusion continues as Borat stumbles across a car boot sale and wrongly accuses a nice lady of being a gypsy.

The day ends with Borat getting tips on how to be cool from a rough looking set of black youths on the street.

"You look like Michael Jackson Beat It!"
(Borat's introductory line to the ring leader from a street gang)


12. Nest of Jews
Nest of Jews

Borat and Azamat's worst nightmare comes true. They stay for bed and breakfast at a house and it turns out to be owned by an elderly Jewish couple. Fortunately the Kazakhstan pair escape under cover of darkness.

"Here is a special sandwich for you"
(Elderyly Jewish man)
"I'm not so hungry. Here... fat."
(Borat politely declines and passes the sandwich to Azamat)


13. Protection

After their close shave and narrow escape at the eldery Jewish couple's house Borat decides he needs some protection. After first trying a gun store he decided on buying a bear.

"What is the best gun to defend from a Jew?"
"I would recommend either a 9mm or a 45"
(The gun store owner replies without a blink of an eye)
"I am the movie star Dirty Harold. Come on make my day Jew!"
(Borat takes the gun and pretends to use it)


14. Society Dinner
Society Dinner

Borat learns how to dine like a gentleman and then puts what he has learnt into practice.

This plan goes badly wrong as Borat innocently insults most of the guests, brings down his output from a trip to the toilet and then gets a call girl to arrive as his partner.

"In my country they would go crazy for these two (Borat compliments two of the three ladies at the dining table) ... not so much" (Borat points to the third lady)


15. Luenell

Borat and the call girl Luenell hit the town, dancing, drinking and playing on the bucking bronco. But Borat's heart is still very much with Pamela.

"Hello, my name a Borat, this my friend Luenell, she is a prostitute"
(In the club Borat attempts to bring another couple into the conversation)


16. Antique Store
Antique Store

Slap stick comedy as Borat wreaks havic in an antique store through being a little clumsy. The owner does not see the funny side when Borat cannot pay up.

Borat's relationship with producer Azamat appears to be getting more argumentative.

"I'm sorry. Don't worry, my friend can make... a glue."
(Following the smashing of numerous of antiques, Borat suggests Azamat can possible fix them)
"I don't think so, I'm afraid you're going to have to pay for them"
(The owner suggests that maybe that isn't the case)


17. Dispute with Azamat
Dispute with Azamat

Borat comes out of the shower in his hotel room to find Azamat on the double bed pleasuring himself while reading a Baywatch magazine. Probably the most memorable scene of the movie follows where Borat and Azamat have a naked wrestling fight in the bedroom which then spills over into the elevator and down into a mortgage brokers annual banquet.

"How dare you make hand party over Pamela!"
(Borat challenges the naked Azamat)


18. Shit Times
Shit Times

Left by himself with no money, no producer, no passport and no bear - Borat is depressed. All he left with his chicken and the Baywatch magazine.

"...but at least he is man enough to leave me... my beautiful... which I have cleaned since last night"
(Borat respects Azamat for leaving him the Baywatch magazine)


19. Fraternity Boys
Fraternity Boys

Determined to meet Pamela Borat hitches a ride with a group of college boys travelling in a camper van.

Drinking beer and talking about women, Borat is very much at home with the high spirited youths.

In the most moving scene of the movie Borat watches the Pamela Anderson video and sees that she is not as innocent as he had thought. Full of tears he hits rock bottom and is consoled by the college boys.

"We play a game, 'When the snake eat the pig'. You get a baby mouse, very small, and then get a piece of cheese and put in the hole of your hram. Until it goes inside"
(Borat explains a traditional Kazakh drinking game)
"I'll do it! I don't give a fuck. I'll do it."
(The wide eyed crazy fraternity boy asks if he can play)


20. Mr. Jesus
Mr. Jesus

A hungover, unshaven Borat wakes up to find he is outside a church. This is not a church similar to 'The Vicar of Dibley' that UK Borat fans may have some experience with. Speeches in it includes a passionate one about the USA being a Christian nation in the beginning, now and always - the camera flashes to blonde children in the congregation, and there's a certain undertone of 1930's Germany about things.

Anyway, Borat doesn't mind, he enjoys the service and is revitalised and has forgiven Pamela and is ready to go looking for her again.

"Do Jesus like me?"
(Borat somehow has managed to get the microphone at the front of the church)
"Absolutely, Jesus loves you!"
"Do Jesus like my sons?"
"Jesus loves your sons"
"Do Jesus love my retard brother Bilo?"
"Jesus loves your brother Bilo"
"Do Jesus love my neighbour Gerault Nehonatby?"
"Jesus loves your neighbour"
"No one loves my neighbour Gerault Nehonatby?"


21. California Arrive
California Arrive

Borat arrives in California. He bumps into Azamat, nearly fights him (full clothed) but forgives him and they forge a plan to allow Borat to meet Pamela.

"You attack me. My moustache still tastes of your testes!"
(Borat bumps into Azamat and attacks him again)


22. Pamela Marriage Proposal
Pamela Marriage Proposal

Borat patiently queues to meet Pamela Anderson in a record store. After some small talk Borat tries to kidnap the former Baywatch star

"Pamela! I am not attracted to you anymore... not!"
(Borat is roughed up by Pamela's security team after trying to kidnap her. Getting pulled up off the car park floor Borat shouts his final goodbye to his sweetheart)


23. Return Kazakhstan
Return Kazakhstan

Without Pamela Borat returns to Kazakhstan and reflects on the great, good and shit times. He takes the call girl Luenell with him and lives happily ever after. Will we see a sequel?

"Thank you for watch my film. I hope you like? Chenk que."


24. O Kazakhstan
O Kazakhstan

Closing credits roll to the sound of the spoof Kazakh national anthem. This is the same song Borat was singing outside each of the big premiere's (London, Sydney, LA, Paris...)

"Kazakhstan greatest country in the world. All other countries are run by little girls.
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium. Other countries have inferior potassium. "
(National anthem)


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