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The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Deleted scenes from the Borat Movie

20th Century Fox New Zealand appear to be leaking deleted scenes from the Borat movie onto the Internet.

They are not spoilers as (1) they are not in the film and (2) they do not give away anything from the plot. But they are very funny.

Interestingly enough one of the questions boratonline.co.uk asked Borat Producer Dan Mazer when we interviewed him was about scenes that can were deleted from previous TV shows.

boratonline.co.uk: It must be hard to edit one or two hours worth of material down to around five minutes. Do you have any plans to do anything with all the unseen footage?

DM: It's the hardest thing, there is so much footage that we love but we know we must lose. For example at the Edinburgh Festival we had Borat speaking to a dancer about how "a man in the theatre is like a man in a house. And a woman in the theatre is like a woman in a house". Well, we loved this idea and in America we had a similar situation where Borat was saying how a "woman is like a horse" and so on. Borat talked like this for five and a half minutes with the person sitting politely listening, but there is no way we can put that all on TV.

We hope to be able to use some of the unseen footage on E4 or on an extra DVD. However, this is all up in the air at the moment.

1. Cheese

This scene below is similar in nature to that described above by Mr Mazer with Borat making a chap look like a fool by asking him about cheese over and over again.

2. Gonorrhea

This scene did not make the movie - pretty funny, but I guess if this side of Borat's nature is already known then this didn't add anything further to the movie.


3. Dog


4. Prayer


5. Police


6. Jail


7. Seatbelt


8. Restroom attendant


9. Malibou


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