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Behind the Scenes: Ken Goldberg

Ken and a lady friend enjoying holding some big guns

In the Being a Real Man Episode, Borat meets Ken Goldberg the owner of the DVW Gun Club in Texas. Borat loves this chap and gives him high five after high five as they talk about guns, killing criminals and naked women.

Well The Unofficial Borat Site went to extraordinary lengths to track down Ken and fire a few questions at him. Here's what Ken had to say...

1. Had you heard of Ali G prior to the Borat interview?

Not at all

2. How did the production team go about setting up the interview?

Have no knowledge.

3. At any time within the interview did you suspect that it was a hoax?

At no time did I suspect. I have been interviewed by crews from all over the world.I enjoyed them all.

4. Can you remember any of the questions Borat asked which where not included on the video?

No. But I would like to.

5. When did you first realise that you were going to be on HBO and the Ali G show?

A week b4 it aired when I saw a prior episode and figured it out. I am slow but I ain't stupid

6. Have you a message for Sacha (Borat) in case he is reading this?

Tell him, wowee wow ooou

7. Would you advice visitors of the Unofficial Borat Homepage to take up shooting as a hobby?


8. And finally, Shooting guns or watching naked women, what's the best?

Why choose when I can have both?

Ken's on KYNG 105.3FM Radio Station, 7-11pm weeknights. You want to talk about sleeping with girls and shooting criminals I'm sure you won't go far wrong here, (but don't get those two activities the wrong way around).

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