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Borat's Guide to the USA, Episode Five: Baseball

Borat is asked to stop singing the Kazakhstan National Anthem. He carries on regardless.

Episode Five sees Borat paying a visit to The Savannah Sand Gnats. The Gnats are a Minor League baseball team.

Borat is introduced to the crowd before the game. The crowd are generous in cheering the Kazkhstani reporter as he engages in a little warm up banter. Borat then asks the crowd to stand for the Kazakhstan national anthem. The singer of the national anthem will be Borat. At the end of the first verse the crowd give a more than generous applause, however, Borat is not finished, what follows is an extra long version of the second verse. Although asked to leave politely twice, Borat soldiers on all the way through the singing.

Borat is impressed by the size of a player's hram. Can I touch?

"High Five!" is what Borat appears to enjoy doing with the mascots dressed up in what look like massive chicken outfits. A policeman is then interviewed, the film "Beverley Hills Cops" is discussed, "What is the name of the man with the chocolate face?" asks Borat. "Eddie Murphy" is the reply.

Borat then chats with an elderly fan about how to support the team, our reporter is told off for shouting at the opposition, "Fuck you!". The elderly fan is appalled as Borat attempts to persuade him to help bribe the officials.

The day ends for Borat in the home changing room surrounded by semi naked and naked men. Somehow Borat ends up in the showers touching the men's arms and commenting on the size of their "hrams". "Can I touch it?", is Borat's now trademark question. And finally Borat persuades a player to have a wrestling competition with him. Great stuff.

Borat attempts to win the crowd over the microphone.

Borat: "I love USA, do you love USA?"

Borat: "I love baseballs, do you love the baseballs?"

Borat: "I like you, do you like me?"

Borat: "U, S and A!!! U, S and A!!!"

Borat Quickie...

What has Borat got which could be used to bribe the Umpire?

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Borat moments to remember...

After admiring the size of the men in the showers Borat decides it is time to prove he is a man. He challenges a big lad to a wrestle. "You want to do a wrestle?". The big lad obviously doesn't really want to wrestle. Borat leaves him with little choice as he starts to grapple with him. Borat is easily pinned to the floor. Our Kazakhstani pretends to be hurt but then declares with a big smile, "I OK!!!". Borat then proceeds to start further wrestles, losing each time.

Borat and a player have a friendly wrestle. The player wins easily.
Borat pretends to be hurt, but then, I OK! Borat launches a suprise attack.



And finally, a fan of the site Trent Rosecrans was actually at this match. In his own words...


"I haven't seen the bit on TV yet, just what I saw on the night. I didn't know who he was at the time - it was nearly a year ago - but it was pretty funny. The crowd, which was pretty small - less than 1,000 people - didn't really know what to think. Me and my friend figured out it was a joke and we were laughing, but I think we were in the minority. We also took our picture with him."

Trent Rosecrans, Borat and Lee Heidel at Savannah Sand Gnats game May 24, 2002

Trent Rosecrans, Borat and Lee Heidel

at Savannah Sand Gnats game May 24, 2002


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