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Borat's Guide to the USA, Episode Two: US Etiquette

Borat with Prof Helen Pye from Charlston University

Episode 2 of Borat's Guide to the USA see us revisit similar ground to that seen in the British Guide to Etiquette in Series 1. This was made famous by the furious response to "friend of the Queen" Lady Chelsea and this US version along similar themes does not disappoint.

Borat begins by visiting Prof Helen Pye from Charleston University. She gives him etiquette tips for American high society, in return Borat tells her that sex was boring with his old wife and asks what to say if he "makes a smell" at the dinner table. "How much should you tip a prostitute?" comes into the conversation (naturally), "10% for hand relief and 20% for in the vagine?", Borat asks.

High fives all round with the Son's of the American Revolution

A top level University Dinner with the St Andrews Society is next on Borat's adventures. Here he gets to try out all of the new advice which Prof Helen Pye has given him.

Some of the tricks that worked well in the British Etiquette episode are reused, Borat drinks all of his wine in one huge gulp, he tells the table that his wife has died, but it's OK as he has a new one. Borat also blurts out to the whole table that he "had sex" the night before. The lady is too shocked to say anything, "Yes", Borat confirms, "With woman from Gambia".

You are a fat!

Finally Borat arrives at a dinner party which is even more posh, this time with the Sons of the American Revolution.

When Borat talks about sex here he ends the story twice by getting "high fives" off the nearest men at the table. This of course does not go down well with the wives of the men, "You're in trouble George" is clearly heard from one of the ladies. In society in general it is not the norm to talk about (and demonstrate) the breaking of wind at the dinner table. This does not stop Borat.

By the end of the festivities Borat clearly has had a great time, he proceeds to tell the main "Son of the American Revolution" that he is fat and that is wife is tiny and that "He could crush her". A good time was obviously had by all.

A list of things that Borat tried with his ex-wife to spice their life up:

1. In the kitchen
2. Every way with her
3. Tied up
4. Looking at the DVD
5. Trying to make DVD their selves

Borat Quickie...

Where did Borat's wife die?

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Borat moments to remember...

Borat explains to an elderly couple and another man how he had sex last night with a woman from Gambia...

Elderly Lady "You see, in America we do not discuss that!"

Borat: "But why? She was nice". (Borat then looks around for approval). "High Five!". (The gentlemen rather embarassingly slap his hand).

Elderly Lady "You're in trouble George!"

There is silence around the dinner table...

Borat: "Do you like porno?"

Man: "Nnnoooo"

Woman: (sarcastically) "This is such an interesting conversation."

Borat: "In Kazakhstan, after Communism, we have a lot of porno! I like, I like, I like a shave pussy!"

The table has been informed that to break wind in Kazkhstan is called doing a 'put'...

Borat: "I can do... I have one. I have one, you want?"

Man: "Borat don't do it"

Borat: "It is coming"

Other Man: (tiresomely) "we're waiting."

Woman: "No we're not!"

Borat: "If you want I can do." (tries to grab the man's hand beside him) "Put your hand close!"

Man: "No"

An article written by one of dinner guests duped by Borat has been written here.

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