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Borat's Guide to the USA II, Episode Four: Hobbies

Borat tries the double Jew's claw attack

In Episode Four of Borat's Guide to the USA II Borat discovers what Americans do in their spare time. A trip to a self defence class his is first visit of the day. The extremely patient and well mannered instructor teaches Borat how to deflect the "Jew's claw" attack and the double handed "Jew's claw" attack. Borat then gets instructions on how to fend off his wife when she wants to "rape" him.

A visit to a Yoga class is next, our man from Kazakhstan turns up in his full grey three piece and is told to dress down into something more comfortable. Borat returns in a very tight, very high, pair of 1980's shorts that leave little to the imagination. Standing uncomfortably close to the Yoga teacher he then plays the hook from CC Music Factory's "Gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now)" on a keyboard. Not just content with the musical rendition Borat then eagerly demonstrates a dance he has to the track.

Borat slips into something a little more comfortable for his Yoga lessonBorat's final trip of the day is to a New Age dance class.

After kissing the men on both cheeks and politely nodding to the lady Borat holds his own with the chanting ("Everybody dance now!"), the dancing, the drawing and the smelling.



Borat shows off his musical talents.

You know this song?

From Music Factory C and C?

"Everybody Dance Now"

(Borat then breaks into a dance).

Borat Quickie...

How old does Borat guess that a young looking 43 year old lady is?

Click for answer

Borat moments to remember...

Borat demonstrates his wife attacking him

Borat demonstrates his wife attacking him to the self defence teacher

Everybody dance now!

Borat performs his moves to "Everybody Dance Now"

A nice picture of what is in Borat's mindBorat explains his drawing to the New Age dance teacher.

Borat: "I do a picture, only small, of the Tishnik Masacre. Where many Uzbecks... Crushed!"

Man: "How did you feel when you drew this?"

Borat: "Very proud!".

Man: "I am just listening with sadness for your people."

Borat: "No, it is not sad. It is us that do the kill!"


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