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Borat's Guide to the USA, Episode Three: Being a Real Man

Borat high fives Ken Goldburg from the Texas Gun Club

Episode Three of Borat's Guide to the USA is short and sharp. He gives us a guide to being a real man, working out in the gym and shooting a few rounds off at the gun club. The gun club Borat visits is the DVW Gun Club in Texas. Borat's host is club owner and minor radio celebrity in his own right Ken Goldberg.

Borat talks with Ken about how shooting a gun makes you feel like a real man. Ken tells our Kazakhstani reporter that his favourite gun is a machine gun which fires around 800 rounds a minute, "Whah Whah Wee Whah!", Borat exclaims, "It is a good gun!". Borat starts asking what you could do with many criminals if you had a machine gun, "You can just waste them!", Ken helpfully replies.

Fresh from shooting Osama Bin Laden with a machine gun

Prior to going downstairs to the shooting range and practicing with the guns Borat informs Ken that in Kazakhstan if they have a very, very, evil criminal then they are allowed to shoot them in two of the clubs. "I like it! But it's crazy", Ken comments, "Yes it probably would be fun".

Borat then goes to the Iron Works Gym in Miami, this is a fashionable gym with lots of muscley men in tight tops. Borat seems to like it there. First Borat is shown how to work the back of his legs using a weight's machine. Borat struggles badly and hurts himself between the legs. He shows trainer David Allen where he has hurt himself by touching David between the legs. The screen shots below show that Borat also struggled also to get to grips with the jogging machine.

Two things Borat believes a real man should do regularly:

1. Shoot the gun
2. Look at naked women

Borat Quickie...

What did Borat hurt when he was on the stretching machine in the gym?

Click for answer

Borat moments to remember...

At the fitness club Borat struggles to get the hang of the jogging machine. The pictures below show the Kazakhstani reporter's attempts at walking on the moving strip.

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