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Behind the scenes insight from Sacha Baron Cohen and Dan Mazer

The following transcript comes is commentary from Borat's Guide to Dating from the USA Series 1.

Commenting are Sacha Baron Cohen (who is Borat, Ali G, Bruno) and Dan Mazer who is the series producer.

Prior to this insight below, Boratonline was granted a behind the scenes interview with Dan Mazer about Borat in the USA.

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Sacha Baron Cohen (SBC) - This is Borat, who is based actually on a guy I met in southern Russia. I can't remember his name. He was a doctor. The moment I met him I was totally crying. He was an hysterically funny guy. Albeit, totally unintentionally.

SBC - (Talks about the Borat character) A few things about this. Firstly that costume, I wear that costume and never wash it. And I have never washed it since I got it, and it's actually a few years old. And it totally stinks.

"I wear that costume and never wash it."
Sacha Baron Cohen

Dan Mazer (DM) - It stinks beyond human imagination. It's the most disgusting thing you can imagine.

SBC - Not allowed to wear deodorant as well. 'coz we want subtle things like... to give the person the impression that it is real. And that person is really from... you know?

DM - And the underpants are authentic, the shoes...

SBC - Yeah, I don't change my underpants.

DM - Even after the (inaudible). We don't use any wigs, so we have to break between filming for sort of "hair time". And that's a real moustache. And that's real hair. Genuine hair.Borat, created by Sacha Baron Cohen and Dan Mazer.

DM - (Talks about Borat meeting Jenny at the dating agency) This section here. This is one of my favourite parts of the entire series I think. I love this. But I was worried, as the first thing of Borat... people wouldn't think it was real. Coz to me it looks so much like the beginning of a porn film.

SBC - Yeah!

DM - You expect her to sort of take her hair down and take off her glasses and sort of... and she's wearing that very short skirt...

SBC - Carry on!

DM - ...and take your full girth. And it looks like a set as you have two fake walls.

DM - Literally anytime the strings could come on (starts humming a sound that you'd expect as a porn film background music)... and we could enter full on intercourse.

DM - Just a dream.

SBC - Yeah.Borat, created by Sacha Baron Cohen and Dan Mazer.

SBC - Well, I have never thought that actually. But now you mention it, it would be alright wouldn't it?

SBC - But I don't know if I want to see Borat naked.

DM - Really?

SBC - But it's interesting in terms of hygiene and everything going from Borat who's the most filthy person to... at the moment I am playing Bruno. We're in the middle of shooting the next season of Da Ali G Show (USA Series 2). And Bruno is the most pristine of all of them. Hygiene is incredibly important, I shave fully.

DM - Which is funny, as you're naturally a (inaudible) man. So am I. There is nothing wrong with that. But obviously it is the camp way to be entirely hairless. There was a debate to how much to get waxed.

SBC - I haven't and I don't do my chest actually. I "quaffir" my bush. But that's as far as I'll go!

DM - Therefore I pronounce that my "producerial" responsibilities.

SBC - The whole schedule of the whole show is literally governed by my facial hair and how fast I can grow a beard. We can't do one day Borat and the next day Ali G. We kind of do Borat for a block and then on to Ali G.

DM - Yeah. Borat is definitely the most embarrassing to go out as. Coz you have that hair and that moustache. So you'll like be going out to restaurants and be sort of living your normal life. And people go, "Is that a young man with a moustache? What on earth is going on?". But fortunately, your girlfriend...

SBC - The first time I did Borat there was a girl who found me attractive... but I think she was a pervert!

"The first time I did Borat there was a girl who found me attractive... but I think she was a pervert!"
Sacha Baron Cohen

DM - Really?

SBC - Well I think she was peculiar. I always thought she was a bit weird...

DM - Some girls like moustaches though. It's a sex symbol... but I can't see it myself.

DM - Where was this (Borat getting tips on dating).

SBC - We did this in Austin wasn't it? It's definitely in Texas.

DM - Dallas. The dating agency was.

SBC - This is a good joke (the joke about the chair with the shoes).

DM - I like this joke.

SBC - And we've got like little badges on the costume. They look like their in Kazakhstani font.

DM - If you see the clipboard (that Borat is holding in the scene) that has a few actual prompts on it. You went through a stage of writing that in Hebrew.

SBC - Coz I can speak Hebrew.

DM - He's a Jeewwww.

SBC - I am a Jew.

DM - Jew.

SBC - So I write it in a Hebrew script that could look foreign to most sort of people. Unfortunately we once did Borat with someone who turned out to be Israeli, so at that point I had to scribble it all out.

DM - It was OK. It was a close escape right.Borat, created by Sacha Baron Cohen and Dan Mazer.

DM - We chose Kazakhstan because it was sort of the most obscure country that we could think of. And a Russian area, we wanted to make sure we wouldn't run into someone who could speak Kazakhstani. You know it's incredibly rare to that... but you do throw in a few words of Polish.

SBC - Yeah, yeah, which is always a problem as well because sometimes, coz there are some Polish people who come and say "Ahhh, ye Ploski Ploski".

DM - "Ploski Ploski!" what's that?

SBC - That actually means something in Polish.

DM - What does it mean?

SBC - "Do you speak... Polskish?"

DM - "Ploski Ploski!"

SBC - OK it doesn't! But this highlights the point that I don't actually speak Polish, or Kazakh, or Russian. But there was one interview where I said "Well, thank you, Jendobrie". And they said "Ah, Jendobrie, you speak Polish?". And I go "No, no, no, no" and they go "Yeah, Jendobrie is Polish". But I say "Yes, Jendobrie is Polish, but Jendobbrieee is Kazakh!"

DM - And what about the time you had to sing an entire song in Kazakhstani? You were in a rugby club in England and they were doing rugby songs and they said "Sing us a Kazakhstani folk song!"

"And what about the time you had to sing an entire song in Kazakhstani?"
Dan Mazer

SBC - There were like 40 rugby players there and they were round me and I had to make up a song.

DM - Go on...

SBC - It was like "Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan, de de de de de...", which I used later on for the national anthem...

DM - How was speed dating? (in the context of the episode they are discussing). I seem to remember one of the girls was quite cute wasn't she?

SBC - Yeah, the one who worried about cheating actually quite liked me and wanted to meet up later on.

DM - Who could blame her?

SBC - And we felt... you know... a little bit bad about that. But you know... I think she comes off as a very charming women in it.

DM - And I hope she has found love.

SBC - I think she will have. She was happy with Borat. She's not hard to please. And I did tell her that I would crush her, if she cheated on me... and I'd give her my dead wife's breasts and that kind of thing.

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