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Behind the Scenes: Jennifer Defrancesco

Jennifer and Borat

In the Guide to Acting Episode, Borat tries all of his charm on the young actress Jennifer Defrancesco. "Do you want to talk? Away from the cameras?" he whispers in her ear as he tries to seduce her.

Being the number one Borat site on the web, we have landed an exclusive interview with the lady in question, and here it is below.

1. Do you mind answering some question for the world famous Borat website?

Well this is all rather shocking to me...I thought no one would ever see this thing and that maybe it would be shown only in London, but, alas.....!

I am weary as to what you'll do with these question and answers ...I don't trust you one bit! (webmaster's note: You can trust me!!!) I would like to hear what Sache has to say. I am curious....

2. Had you heard of Ali G prior to the Borat interview?

No. I haven't owned a tv for about 8 years now.

3. How did you get pulled in to do the class?

My teacher Charles asked if anyone could come in and do some improv and I thought it would be good for me to do because I've never been in front of a camera before. I figured, no one will see this and it would be a good little exersize of courage. I'm not a professional by any means. At the time of taping, I had taken about 7 classes or so.

4. At any time within the improvisation did you suspect that it was a hoax?

Yes. Honestly, the entire time. I didn't know this was a popular show, but I knew he wasn't being serious - that he was acting dead-pan.

5. You didn't see Sacha (Borat) smile once?

No. I never saw a hint or a smile. He stayed in character so well.

6. Can you remember any of the things that happened between you and Borat which were not shown on telly (any questions or anything)?

Yeah. There was a lot that wasn't shown. And I think the other sections were so much funnier...James Lipton, the round-table violence talk, Buzz Aldrin, the hair-dresser...Let me see...he offered me money to go away with him, offered me a smoke, asked if I wanted to have sex with him, kept "yelping" or saying "Ahhhh....yes...Acting" which was funny. I'm curious to see the other sections that were filmed as well with Matt and Ilena.

7. Mat and Ilena? We didn't see any of that on TV?

I wasn't there for that but I remember Matt telling me they almost got into a fist fight and that he was hitting on Ilena pretty bad. But, I don't really know.....

8. He offered you a "smoke"? Isn't it Ali G not Borat who does the hash?

He offered me a cigarette. No hash.

9. When did you first realize that you were going to be on HBO and the Ali G show?

My friend called me last Friday at 1 in the morning and said, "I just spit out my Chinese food. You're on tv." That's when I knew. When it was on. I told some friends about it and they were like, "You haven't heard of Ali G.? I love that show....."

10. Have you a message for Sacha (Borat) in case he is reading this?

I am extremely impressed that you were able to keep a straight face the entire time. (You must get in the car and just crack up after your interviews.)....I love your Berlin-fashionista character...hysterical. I'm curious to know when you got into comedy and how your show came about. Do people ever write you nasty letters after they see themselves being made fun of? Do you think most people know what's going on or at least catch on after awhile? I really have no idea how you stay in character and keep a straight face.....

11. You were treat quite badly at the hands of Borat, did you ever consider walking out?

No. I knew he was trying to be funny. I think he could have treated me a lot worse. I mean, after seeing the other portions of the show, I am lucky he wasn't over the top. (Thank God.)

12. And finally, were you tempted to go to Kazakhstan with him? even a little bit?

No. Not even a little bit.

Well the Unofficial Borat site just about believes that Jennifer "knew it was a hoax the entire time". Even though she almost ran out of the room without kissing him at the end. But, that aside, it's not just Borat who fell in love with her a little in the Guide to Acting but I imagine a few Borat fans did as well!

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