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Behind the Scenes: Charles Di Cagno

Charles and Borat

In the Guide to Acting Episode, Borat meets Charles Di Cagno from the Acting-Drama Therapy Center in New York. This chap sets up an improvised acting situation in which Borat is to run away with a pretty young American lady. The only problem is, Borat thinks this is real.

Again the Unofficial Borat Webpage has done the business and tracked this fella Charles down.

1. Had you heard of Ali G prior to the Borat interview?


2. How did the production team go about setting up the interview?

If you mean how did they contact me: I believe it was by email. If you mean, how did they physically set up the equipment and such, I would have to say - the standard procedure.

3. At any time within the interview did you suspect that it was a hoax?

I fell for it, hook, line and sinker; but Jennifer kept asking me if this was a joke. She really suspected it was.

4. Can you remember any of the questions Borat asked which where not included on the video?

I have not seen the clip, so cannot answer this one.

5. When did you first realise that you were going to be on HBO and the Ali G show?

Someone sent me an email the day after. Before that I had never heard of him or the show.

6. Have you a message for Sacha (Borat) in case he is reading this?

Thanks - it was fun. Come visit our acting class again, and consider using our people for any upcoming skits.

7. The young lady in the acting improvisation was obviously treat a little disrespectfully by Borat, at any time did you have to interrupt? at any time did you consider stopping it?

I beleive I asked the crew if they were sure they wanted to keep filming through this.

And finally, was Freddie Mercury a homosexual?

See name of band - QUEEN!

Best Regards,

Charles di Cagno

Charles encourages any Borat fans wanting acting classes to visit http://www.speakeeezi.com or to email him at zenbold@aol.com

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