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Interview with Mrs Heskell

Mrs Peta HeskellThe Unofficial Borat Site pulled off the greatest coup in media history (with the possible exception of the BBC Diana Interview) by having a chat with none other than Mrs Peta Heskill from the "Borat's Guide to English Gentlemen" sketch.

Peta is the Director of The UK Flirting Academy. They have a smashing little web site at www.flirtingacademy.com - give them a ring and mention the Borat Site and they will give you a special deal (probably). Anyway here is the interview...

Unofficial Borat Site (UBS) - Had you heard of Ali G prior to the Borat interview?

Probably not! His show went out sometime after I did the interview. I seem to remember the show went out before April 00. I think I did the interview in Nov.. but my Outlook has archived my diary so I haven't a clue!!!!

UBS - How did the production team go about setting up the interview?

They called me and said they were a TV production company who had been assigned to work with a journalist from Kazakhstan who was doing a report on How to be an English Gentleman. They asked if I would give him a flirting lesson. I agreed to do it, but I made them pay me for my time!!! I'd done quite a lot of TV stuff and after an Irish TV talk show paid me right at the beginning of my career, I realised that I didn't have to do it just for supposed publicity'.

UBS - At any time within the interview did you suspect that it was a hoax?
NO! I just thought wow this guy is really OTT, sexist and needs HELP big time!! He seemed very outrageous and I was thinking,Peta1 this guy would have a real problem over here! When I left the hotel where they'd rented a room to film I remember having this feeling that it was all rather sleazy....I thought it was hysterically funny that I'd been the dupe of the amazing Ali G. In fact I mailed lots of friends and said Hey, I've been Ali G'd!!

UBS - Can you remember any of the questions Borat asked which where not included on the video?

Yes! I told him that he was a bit too touchy feely and he needed to watch out where he put his hands as not all women are open to that!!! (I'm a very touchy feely person myself and also have no problem with men who are sexist - I just handle it!! Ha ha !! That was meant to be a joke... I just deal with it.. easily...). He then put his finger and thumb together in that kind of 'feel the quality of the material' gesture and moved his hand towards my leg. He said 'If I no can touch, how I feel the meat'!! I just laughed.

It was so outrageous. I asked him 'Is this how you flirt with women in Kazakhstan?' He said 'No, we like this with Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan women' Kazakhstan women they for marriage, not for this!". I think that might have been the end of the interview!!

As he was doing this, the production team were really playing the part of 'we've been lumbered with this guy sort of thing' They even adopted looks that said 'boy this guy is out of hand and we're sorry we have to work with him'... looking up to heaven, appearing sympathetic with my 'plight' which wasn't a plight at all!!!

UBS - When did you first realise that you were going to be on video/dvd/Channel 4?

Peta 2When Ali's last series came out (was it his first TV series) late nite on 4, I watched it.. hilarious... and then I saw Mr Borat!! I was quite excited.. and then disappointed he didn't show the piece with me. I said to my partner at the time, they probably won't show me cos I was too cool.. I didn't get upset like Lady Chelsea who said she would have to close her business because she'd been made a fool of... It is always more powerful when the people being 'duped' get upset and try to pretend it isn't happening. I just think it's all part of life's rich tapestry.. and I laugh a lot - most of the time.. it's good for us!!!

The work I do is actually very powerful and has nothing to do with giving flirting tips.. I've helped lots of people become more confident about who they are, love their life more and I know what I do is cool... It doesn't matter that things like this go out.. it raises my profile and it is bloody funny!!!

I've had a C4 documentary made of my flirting weekend, and they followed 4 participants. They did have a bit of a tongue in cheek editing attitude... and tried to take the piss out of the people on the course.... but the people in the programme loved it.. one guy found love, and still gets recognised.. and the others were happy to have their Andy Warhol moment. ... and I thought what the hell.. people still remember it.. vaguely.. and that's fine. I believe that you should not be upset about anything that is written about you, true or not.. it's all part of the fun of life..!!!

UBS - Have you a message for Sacha (Borat) in case he is reading this?

Yes, I'm curious if it's easy to get back into Sacha (and no jokes about men's bottoms please! or being a contortionist!!!) when you spend so much time doing Ali and others. Is this a mask behind which the real you can lurk safely? how does being a 'character' affect your un-disguised reality?

UBS - Why should visitors of the Unofficial Borat Homepage visit you for flirting lessons?

Because my classes are a hell of a lot of fun.. it's obvious from the video that I'm a fun person and that's because I don't mindPeta 3 what life throws at me, I've learned that being who I am, loving it and living from there allows me to see life in a different way... They should check out my site www.flirtingacademy.com if they want to get more out of life, stop being so terminally serious and learn to come across as warm, genuine people.... !!!

UBS - I think that your really attractive, I loved the way you came across in the video, I think you have great legs, your hair is really shiny - would you like to have dinner with me next time I come to London?

If you ever come here... you're welcome to drop by and say hi!!! 

UBS - Thanks very much

(Anyone else with anything of interest please email webmaster@boratonline.co.uk)

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