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Top Borat Moment #05
Borat's Polaroid pictures of his wife

From the Guide to the South - Borat is chatting to a lovely lady in the audience at a rodeo show. Borat proceeds to tell the lady about his lovely wife in Kazakhstan...

A polaroid picture of Borat's wife (censored).Borat: "I have a wife, do you want to see her picture?"

Lady: "Yes"

(Borat gets a set of four or five polaroids out from his jacket pocket)

Lady: "Awww, she's great, she couldn't come with you?" (the lady flips to polaroid three), "Did you know that picture was in there!?!?!" (the picture is of a plump, naked, middle aged lady with her legs apart)

Borat: "Yes that is my wife"

Lady: "That's more of your wife than I wanted to see!"


...and in Borat Producer Dan Mazer's own words during his interview with this site:

Dan Mazer: [discussing favourite Borat moments] ...coming up with the ideas of the naked photos of Borat's wife in a brain storming session was a great moment. We just had to make sure we got the moment right to use them. A number of times I could see Sacha, as Borat, ready to get the photos out to show someone, but the time wasn't quite right. In the baseball crowd Borat was going to show the chap he was talking about bribery with. I had to stop the interview by saying that we had ran out of film as we were waiting for the right moment.

boratonline.co.uk: How did you actually get the Polaroids of Borat's "wife" that were being shown around at the US Rodeo? Did a fan mail them in or did a "lucky" researcher have to go out and get them?

Dan Mazer: We said to a researcher, "find us a nude model to pose to be Borat's wife". He bought a seedy porno catalogue and finally brought this woman into the offices. She was invited into the basement where we had the settee. But the researcher bottled it and wouldn't do it. Jason, the wardrobe man, actually took the photo shoot in the end. At one point he asked her to pose in the "flying V" position. The "flying V" position was something we had never heard of. Jason must have had experience doing this before.


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