The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Top Borat Moment #03
"There is no more bears in Kazakhstan"

From the Guide to Hunting - nobody is safe from Borat. He can mock the right wing US establishment one week and then bait the left wing anti-hunting lobby the following week. This moment was voted the funniest Borat moment by BoratOnline fans back in 2002.

Borat - Why do you like to hunt the fox?

Protestor 1 - I do not hunt the fox! I think people that hunt the fox are the scum of the earth.

(Borat shows the lady his bear hunting badge on his jacket lapel)

Borat - In Kazikhstan...

Protestor 1 - You kill bears!

Borat - Yes. Kill them.

Protestor 1 - He kills bears!

Protestor 2 - You kill bears! That's evil

Borat - No. In Kazakhstan we shoot animal. We do not hunt the fox.

Protestor 2 - Well you shouldn't be talking to us because we love animals.

Borat - We love animal too.

Protestor 1 - So why do you shoot them?

Borat - For fun


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