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Top Borat Moment #09
"Can you do a dirt in?"

From the Guide to Sport UK - Borat is being shown around a bowling club by a very "proper" English gentleman. When it's time to see the changing rooms, Borat starts to get a bit excited. In an interview with the site around the time of the first US series producer Dan Mazer commented that this was one of his funniest moments. At times Sacha smiles during this sketch as he struggles to contain his laughter...

Man - Do you want to see our changing rooms.

Borat - (Visibly excited). Yes please! Will there be many men with no clothes here?

Man - No, I'm afraid. Not so.

(The scene cuts to Borat and the man walking within a toilet area).

Borat - And what is this here? (Borat indicates to the urinals).

Man - That's a urinal.

Borat - Is it where you shower?

Man - No. That is where you do a.. toilet?

And you do a dirt?Borat - You lie down here?

Man - No you stand up.

Borat - You... Like this? (Borat squats over the urinal).

Man - Just do a wee in there.

Borat - What is wee?

Man - (Trying to change subject). And this one... (The man shows Borat the proper toilet cubicals).

Borat - Yes, I know. But if this is full, (toilet cubical), you can come and do... (Borat squats in the urinal again).

Man - No, no, you stand up!

Borat - Can you do a dirt in... (Borat indicates to the urinal).

Man - No! This one. (The man indicates the cubicle).

Borat - And which one you prefer?

Man - It depends on what I want to do.

Borat - Yes.

Man - If I just want to do a wee, you do it in that one (indicates the urinal), otherwise you do it in this one (indicates the cubicle).

Borat - But id you want to a dirt and you are in a hurry and there is someone in there (indicates the cubicle). You do it... (indicates the urinal).

Man - No no no. That's not allowed.

Borat - But there is space.

Man - No that is water only.

Borat - But you can have five men. And squeeze something from the anus (Borat squats near the urinal once more). You understand?

Man - Yes yes.

Borat - Squeeze...

Man - (Changing subject) And after you've been to the toilet you wash your hands (the man shows Borat the wash basin).

Borat - And do you do a dirt in here?

Man - No! You'd be thrown out the club if you did.

Borat - Why?

Man - Because it is not hygienic.

Borat - But why not?


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