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Top Borat Moment #06
Borat wrestles with the Savannah Sand Gnats

From the Guide to Baseball - the classic first Borat episode. This setup proved so successful that Borat re-did this for the USA first series and the Borat Movie.

After admiring the size of the men in the showers Borat decides it is time to prove he is a man. He challenges a big lad to a wrestle. "You want to do a wrestle?". The big lad obviously doesn't really want to wrestle. Borat leaves him with little choice as he starts to grapple with him. Borat is easily pinned to the floor. Our Kazakhstani pretends to be hurt but then declares with a big smile, "I OK!!!". Borat then proceeds to start further wrestles, losing each time.

One of the great things about this clip is that sometimes Borat's victims have the worst brought out in them, but sometimes the victim come across as a really genuine nice person.

The baseball player in question here Randall Shelley certainly came through this with everyone laughing with him.

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