The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Top Borat Moment #21
Borat launches his own MySpace page

Top quality banter littered across Borat's MySpace site. A few snippets from it are copied and pasted below.

- http://www.myspace.com/borat

  • On favourite movies: "Womanman Doubtfire", "Robot cop", "Garraid Mcguire"
  • On alcohol/smoking: I enjoy drink alcohols and smokings cigarette. I like - why not?
  • On education: I have degree from Astana University in English and plague research. I make 3 new ones. One was release in Uzbekistan and kill over 50 thousands goat.
  • On women: I want meet nice western girlies for chitchat and sexytime - preference lady with yellow hairs, with plough experience and little or no history of retardation in family. I would like to meet you and make romance inside you. If you agree be my wife then you will come my country, I will give you television with remote control, a red dress, two strong shoes, I will love you and care for you, we will be as one... but if u cheat on me I will crush you!
  • Also I like meet nice men, as friend - no sexytime.


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