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The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Top Borat Moment #22
"Well there certainly will not be wrestling with no clothes"

From the Guide to the Cambridge - Most interviewees are polite enough to continue talking to Borat even when he starts straying off the straight and narrow. Not this young man from Cambridge University though...


Borat - Will there be wrestling with no clothes and a horse polo and...

Student - Well there certainly will not be wrestling with no clothes. There might be polo somewhere, yes.

Borat - Yes...

Student - But I think that some of the kinds of parties that maybe you are thinking of you're not going to find at all.

Borat - And will there be a woman where you go and... Have sex with them?

Student - I am sorry you are going to have to cut that off. That's an inappropriate question. There will be no such thing! This is a serious university and there is not going to be any prostitution that you have just mentioned. That would be inappropriate.

Borat - OK OK. So about... Forget the party

Student - I'm sorry that's over.

(The student storms off. Borat is left with his camera crew looking confused)


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