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The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Top Borat Moment #20
Borat touches up the Vietnam veteran

From the Guide to the South - Many, many times before Borat has done the "can I touch your hram" joke. Never before has any interviewee said "Sure"...

I can touch?

Borat: "We say in Kazakhstan that a man who never killed a man is like man without any..." (Borat indicated to his groin.) "Is true? Is true?"

Man: "It's a strange feeling"

Borat: "You have a big..." (Borat indicates to the man's groin.) "You have a big 'hram'?"

Man: "Errrrrr, fairly... Not... Pretty good."

Borat: "I can touch?"

Man: "In America, you don't, it's not... It's not one of our customs."

Borat: "I can touch?"

Man: (The man looks around) "Well sure, why not"

Borat: "This is OK with you?"

Man: "Sure"

(Borat reaches between the man's legs and touches him, they both then laugh)

Borat: "It's nice... It's good, but I have seen bigger!"


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