The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Top Borat Moment #26
"Dancing Dog and Cat"

From the Guide to Hunting UK - After innocently sending up the fox hunters Borat moves onto the fox hunting protestors. In this scene Borat is defending his countries record on animal cruelty...

Borat - In Kazakhstan we love animals.

Protestor - Good for you.

Borat - We have most popular program on television is animal program.Dancing Dog and Cat

Protestor - Good.

Borat - Is called, "Dancing Dog and Cat". They dress the dog like a family Royal, like Prince Elizabeth, one with the crown and they dance.

Protestor - But do they treat that animal well.

Borat - Yes they treat very well. They give them food and they only have... (Borat mimics a dog dancing) And the floor is a bit hot so they jump...


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