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8/12/03 Extras from da USAiii!
  Also we say if a horse is sleep, goes to sleep like if a man sleep.Borat extras from the latest DVD are included at the page below.  

  Click here for the Extras page.

  The Ali G In Da USAiii DVD has a few extra Borat scenes, including a full episode Borat's Guide to Animals and extra scenes from the gun club, the acting class and some odds and ends of him meeting some patriotic Americans. The funniest moment arguably comes from the Guide to Animals in which Borat meets Skyler Riley for an interview on horses. The interview lasts for over four minutes with Borat doing all of the talking.

  "Also we say if a horse is sleep, goes to sleep like if a man sleep."


29/10/03 Great News for Borat Fans!
  Two great bits of news for Borat fans today.  

  1. Double Ali G DVD out for Xmas.
  All the very latest details at Amazon.co.uk, but the current release date is Monday 17th November. The fact it is a double DVD suggests that it will not just simply be the standard 80 or 90 minutes "best of" footage, with a scattering of unseen stuff. A double DVD suggests that it will be loads of extra stuff from the top drawer. A screenshot of the DVD cover is shown to the left.

  2. Ali G in Da USA - Series 2
Chortle.co.uk are reporting that Sacha Baron Cohen has signed to do a second series of Ali G in Da USA. This means another 6 episodes of Ali, Borat and Bruno in America on HBO. No news up on the HBO Site yet, but keep checking for further details.

  Again, anyone with any insider information or promotional freebies - send them on to the only Borat site on the Internet.


08/08/03 Borat's a Schmuck?
  Sacha Baron Cohen will star in a multi million dollar remake of the French Film Le Diner de Cons (The Idiot Game). StevenClick here for the Borat Soundboard Spielberg will direct the movie which will be filmed in America next Summer. The remake will be called Dinner for Schmucks.

  An "insider" leaked some quotes to the press today and they appeared in various media sources.

  "Spielberg wants the movie to be a huge comedy like There's Something About Mary."

  "He decided to sign up Ali G after watching him play characters like Borat and Bruno on his TV show."

  In a nut shell the film is about some fella who has a dinner party and his friends must invite the stupidest people they can find. The sort of people who drink their wine in one go, ask if "they can go for a shit" and maybe even the sort of people who tell their hosts that "last night I have a sex. It was a nice!!! I like!!!"

08/07/03 Borat Music Tribute Page
 The Unofficial Borat Homepage has been informed of a great new site The Borat Music Tribute Page. Currently it has one MP3, titled "You Have Big Bollocks". A ballad which the site reliably informs us went platinum in Kazikhstan and seven other former Soviet Republics. *

 Mike from the Borat Music Crew commented, "The voice is an impersonation of Borat put to music. We're all big fans of Borat and have loved his stuff on Channel 4 and HBO."

 Well the Unofficial Borat Site loves the song, it may not reach number one - but it could quite easily win the Eurovision Song Contest. "I like", "How you say", "Jagshemash" and all the favourite lines are in. And it finishes with a marvellous outro of "Lady Chelsea has nice tits, I like to have a shit" accompanied with some stirring piano lines - Wonderful stuff.

 * The Music Tribute Page is keen to point out that if anyone tries to make money out of this MP3 then the "South Somerset Massive will come to their house with pitchforks and throw hedgehogs through their car windows."

18/06/03 One in Two Million
 The Unofficial Borat Site has now crept into the two millionth most visited websites on the net. Unbelievable stuff, no less than Amazon.com's Alexa service powered by Google say so. Five stars out of five and the folk at Alexa have even gone to the trouble of doing a little thumbnail of the site.

  May I take this opportunity again to thank all of the visitors of the site, for every one nutter/nazi/disgruntled Ch. 4 employee emailing the site threatening to rip my head off there are twenty positive comments. The site's been going for over three years now. Sexy time!

09/05/03 Channel 4 Borat Site now live
Click here to go to the channel 4 site  Three years after Borat first surfaced on the channel the Channel 4 Official Borat Website has now been launched.

  As part of the Ali G mini site it has one page dedicated to Borat and this has been deliberately designed to reflect a 1997 IE 3 feel with a thick scrolling frameset and mutil-colour graphics all over the place. The Bruno page is bright pink and quite nicely done and the Ali sections are graffiti style.

  To say it is a bit weak on content would be perhaps a harsh criticism, but there is a link to a discussion forum and fingers crossed they may pull an interview with Sacha out of the bag (in the past Channel 4 have been pretty good with online web chats).

Borat - Click here

Bruno - Click here

Ali - Click here

  And Channel 4 can of course link back to www.boratonline.co.uk if they wish.

23/04/03 Exclusive Interview With Dan Mazer
Click here for the exclusive Dan Mazer interview The Unofficial Borat Site has landed another amazing scoop for fans of the Kazakhstani Reporter.

Da Ali G Show Producer, Dan Mazer, who with Sacha Baron Cohen, is the co-creator of Borat has given the site an interview which gives an amazing insight into some behind the scenes information on how the show is produced.

This makes great reading for any Borat (or Ali G) fan. Dan tells the site how Borat was nearly arrested when in America, how they filmed the Borat Special in a small village in Romania. A behind the scenes view of how the production team help Borat pull the interviews off is given and Dan also answers the question on everyone's lips, "How were the infamous Polaroids of Borat's wife obtained?"

Dan also comments that he and Sacha regularly visit the site and read the views of the fans on the message board.

To read the interview in full please click here.

12/04/03 Borat Sound Board Now Available
Click here for the Borat Soundboard The comedy site www.cringehumor.com have produced a superb Borat Sound Board using Flash.

It contains little Borat sound snippets from the Guide to the USA Series. Borat Classics such as:

"There is a smell, it smell like a shit!"

"Wow Wow Wee Waa!"

"I like shaven pussy"

Anyway, all great entertainment - Turn up your speakers and click here to go to the Sound Board.

11/04/03 Borat is back and the journalists have their say once more
A few reviews are kicking around now that the new Ali G show is about to be shown in the UK. Most follow the theme that "The old stuff is the best" and "He's not as funny as he used to be". However, you may want to click on one of the links below:

Guardian Unlimited, Lucy Kelaart
An alternative look at Borat from a Kazakhstani point of view. Ms Kelaart obviously knows what she is talking about as a quick internet search shows she is a leading figure in the British Uzbekistan Society. Ms Kelaart actually takes a video of Borat to Amaaty (capital of Kazakhstan) and asks the punters there what they think of it all. Click here to read this article.

BBC New Online, Leigh Mitton
The BBC have never got over letting Sacha Baron Cohen go after he did a pilot show for BBC2 and then losing him to Channel 4. In this article Ms Mitton basically repeats the "Ali G has had his day" line a few times. She does however go on to say that the Borat and Bruno sections "were amusing". Click here to read this article. Click here to have your say about what you thought of Da Ali G Show.

29/03/03 Borat on Channel 4 Friday April 11th
Click here for Behind the Scenes Channel Four are now confirming that Da Ali G Show is on over six weeks starting on Friday April 11th.

Click here for Channel Four Ali G Site.

Again, very little Borat stuff from Channel 4 on the web, but you can download some Ali G clips.

Soon the final two episode guides from the US will be on this site. Hopefully this can give you a taster for what you will see on Channel 4. The website considers Borat's Guide To Baseball as possibly the funniest Borat ever.

20/03/03 More Behind the scenes with Borat
Click here for Behind the Scenes We now have a fourth behind the scenes interview with a Borat Victim. Jennifer Defrancisco was the young lady that Borat fell in love with in the New York acting classes.

Jennifer: (seductively) "So I know you have to go back soon, but I was wondering... on your last night... We could have a really special evening?"

Borat: (very quietly, obviously worried about the camera) "You want to talk?" (Borat shifts uneasily) "...away from the camera?"

Jennifer: (shocked and a little loud) "No!"

Click here to read about what happens behind the scenes.

19/03/03 More Behind the scenes with Borat
Click here for Behind the Scenes We now have a third behind the scenes interview with a Borat Victim. Charles Di Cagno received a Borat style grilling about Acting.

Borat: "Is Freddy Mercury homosexual?"

Charles: "Is Freddy Mercury homosexual?" (stunned) "I don't know if I am qualified to comment on that."

Click here to read about what happens behind the scenes.

17/03/03 Download a Borat Desktop ImageClick here for the desktop image
 Click on the image to the left for a great desktop image for your computer. This was created by debaser@mymail.ro and it is much better than having a picture of a kitten jumping on a mine or a monkey smelling its finger on your desktop.

A reminder also that there are a number of other desktop images available at the downloads section of this site.

A final word to say that all comments sent to the site are really appreciated, good to know that there are so many Borat fans out there.

Jagshemash, Pepsi Max!


12/03/03 Behind the scenes with Borat
Click here for Behind the Scenes This is where The Unofficial Borat Site goes the extra mile. Other sites bang up a few screenshots nicked from somewhere, throw a discussion forum up for people to swear at each other on and pull some ugly Flash intro out of the bag to turn visitors away. Well here in this section of this site we display the results of interviews with some of Borat's victims. This gives us a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

Two Borat victims are now up Ken Goldberg from the USA Guide to being a Real Man and Petra Heskell from the UK Guide to English Gentleman.

Click here to read about what happens behind the scenes.

27/02/03 Borat's Guide To America, Episode One: Dating
Click here for Episode I It needs no introduction, click here for the first new Borat material for over a year.

Borat is explaining to Jenny Noel how he is looking for a wife to take home to Kazakhstan...

Jenny "So you are saying you have a good life, and back home you could provide a good life for her?"

Borat: "But if she cheat on me..." (Ms Noel starts to giggle) "Why you laugh?"

Jenny: "I think that's sweet keep going."

Borat: "But if she cheat on me, I will crush her!"

26/02/03 We've seen the new Borat material and it's brilliant!

Thanks to Lando's Stinking Hole The Unofficial Borat Homepage has seen the latest Borat material being previewed in the USA and it is tremendous stuff. Absolutely fantastic. Where Ali struggles slightly and gets knocked by the critics, Borat goes from strength to strength.

Here at the Unofficial Borat Homepage we don't want to spoil what is coming on Channel 4 very soon. But over the next six weeks we'll throw a "taster" up of what is to come. Watch this space for a summary of the first episode. Anyway, for now I leave you with some screen grabs of the title sequence. Borat in the USA...

23/02/03 Mixed Reaction in the USA
Borat on HBO Although we haven't seen any of it in England, it would appear that the "all new" Ali G Show is taking a bit of a pounding off the American Critics. The fans would appear to be appreciating Ali and friends - however the critics are not impressed by Ali's attitude and disrespect. The main bone of contention so far is Ali's apparent muddling up of the understandably sensitive date 9/11 with the supermarket chain seven-eleven.

However, Borat is largely going down well and here at the Unofficial Borat Webpage we give you a little of the transcript from Borat's first appearance.

Borat: "I will love her, we will be as one, I will give her television, remote control, a red dress ..."

Matchmaker: "So you're saying you have a good life, and back home you can provide for her a good life ..."

Borat: "But if she cheat on me ... (pause) Why you laugh?"

Matchmaker: "I think that's sweet! Keep going."

Borat: "But if she cheat on me, I will crush her."

Matchmaker: "You will crush her? Well, honey, that's not going to qualify you with our membership, if you're prepared to crush a woman. You can break up with her, and divorce her, but you can't ... No crushing."

Borat: "If possible, she must have plow experience."

Matchmaker: "You're not going to find an American woman with plow experience."

Borat: "Maybe just one year plow experience."

14/02/03 Borat Debuts on HBO in the USA.
In one week on HBO in the USA Borat returns to the TV screens with new material.

The HBO website now has what has the potential to be a great area for Borat fans:

Ali G Area: http://www.hbo.com/alig/
Borat Bio: http://www.hbo.com/alig/bios/
Borat Chat: http://www.hbo.com/alig/community/
Borat Video Clip: http://www.hbo.com/alig/video/

Anyone at HBO fancy popping a return link to this site would be nice?

For the meantime, in the true tradition of the Unofficial Borat site, I leave you with some text nicked from another site.

"Borat Sagdiyev is Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man. A leading journalist from the State run TV network, Borat has been sent to the United States to report on all aspects of American life. From baseball to Broadway, Borat asks the questions no westerner would dream of in his tireless quest for knowledge, telling dating agencies he will 'crush' women who are unfaithful, touching the penises of Vietnam veterans in Atlanta, urinating on trees with new age gurus in Sedona. Borat on his first ever trip abroad presents a picture of America that only Charles Manson would recognize."

Fans of Borat will notice that he's changed his second name from Karabzhanov to Sagdiyev - There is probably a story behind this. I wonder what it is?

To contact the Unofficial site please email me at webmaster@boratonline.co.uk

Jagshemash, Pepsi Max!

Want a banner for your website? Right click on the image below and choose "Save As".

Finally, a little plug for the webmaster's latest project - a cool little Flash game called Banana Football:


Have a game - see what score you can get and then tell your friends.

05/02/03 USA gets ready for B'B'Borat
Borat In ze House, Jagshemash The New York Times, no less, is warning The United States of America to get ready for Borat. New episodes of Borat will be shown on HBO as part of The Ali G Show starting Friday Feb 21st 2003.

Show Producer, Dan Mazer, seems to be the one doing most of the promotional interviews and when talking to The New York Times he commented:

"With Borat and Bruno we had our most scary moments behind the scenes and on the road in America. You'd think Ali G would wind people up more, but because he's an intimidating character in his own right, people lay off him. Because Bruno is a camp character and Borat is an idiot (!!! Ed.), they think they can bully them."

Often after interviews it begins to dawn on some subjects that they've been had. We're aware of it now, and can spot when it happens and make a 30-second exit from anywhere with camera crews and lights. It's like 'Charlie's Angels.' "

Now, the Unofficial Borat site would love to have a few roving reporters from the United States to comment on what Borat gets up to prior to the rest of the world seeing it in the Spring. So if you think you are the person for the job please email the site at webmaster@boratonline.co.uk 

10/01/03 Guess who's back? Back again? Borat's back.
The first new Borat material for well over a year will be shown in the new Ali G Show in the United States in Febuary. Channel HBO will run a six part series on Friday nights starting on Feb 19th 2003.

Now it is a fair guess that Channel 4 will also run this too, but a date has not been confirmed.

Series producer Dan Mazer, who has worked with Sacha since Ali G first appeared on the 11 O'Clock show was quoted in The Guardian saying how excited he was with the new material.

"It's a return to the old school Ali G. More stunty, with undercover interviews. We duped people and left them nonplussed, not really realising what was going on. We played it to a test audience a couple of weeks ago and it was like a return to the original days of Ali G over here. They were as excited by it as people were in Britain three or four years ago. "

Any folk from Sacha's team at TalkBack want to send me anymore information then please email the site.

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