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06/10Click here to go to vote for your favourite Borat moment/02 New Borat Discussion Board
  Borat is back for another run on TV with the repeats of The Ali G Show currently running on Channel 4.

  To mark this re-run, the Borat Online Webmaster has accidentally deleted both the "Vote for you favourite Borat moment" page and the "Borat Board".

  In their place we now have a new Borat Board, which can be viewed by clicking here or here or even here.

  And finally, the favourite moment was actually "For fun" and over 1200 fans voted - Thanks very much for making the site such a success. As usual, all feedback is much appreciated, webmaster@boratonline.co.uk

 19/07For fun/02 The Fans Vote For Their Favourite Moment
  Unfortunately, there has not been much Borat news recently. However, there have been rumours that he has been filming episodes in the United States, but these are so far unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, on this site, fans of Borat have been busy voting away for their favourite ever Borat moment. 800 of you have voted and the clear winner with 21% of the votes is from the Guide to Hunting in which Borat is asked why he hunts bears. "For fun" he replies.

The top five moments as voted by you are as follows:

For fun
1 For Fun (21%)
For fun
2 I Have Sex (16%)
For fun
3 Do a Dirt (14%)
For fun
4 Hey Vilo! (12%)
For fun
5 Big Bollocks (9%)

 30/03Borat In ze House, Jagshemash/02 When Borat met Ali
  Borat hits the big screen when he makes a cameo appearance in Sacha Baron Cohen's new film Ali G Indahouse.

  The two characters clash at a diplomatic reception with Ali G representing the British Goverment and Borat representing Kazakhstan. "Bless You" replies Ali after Borat greets him with the usual "Jagshemash". Our man from Kazakhstan has the last laugh however when he calls Staines Finest a "cocksucker".

  More information on the film can be found at the excellent Internet Movie DataBase Website.

Borat has another cousin?
It would appear that Borat has another cousin. There were rumours on this site about an Austrian cousin called Steffan Schpunk. It would now appear that Borat has another relative - this time an Albanian - by the name of Christophe.

  Anyone with any screenshots or transcripts from Christophe's trip to the gay and lesbian dance festival please email them to me. webmaster@boratonline.co.uk.


16/03Click here for the Borat Board/02
  In a further development to the Unofficial Borat Homepage a discussion/chat board has been set up to allow Borat fans around the world to talk about what they like about him.

 Click here to enter a comment on the Borat Board.

 Click here to view the Borat Board.

 As a reminder of the other things the site offers Borat fans you can download a screen saver, download a number of sound files, download some high quality desktop images, browse a number of Borat Images and of course by going back to the homepage you can read the transcripts to all Borat's Guides.

04/03What is your favourite Borat moment?/02 Round Up
  Not much Borat related stuff going on at the moment. And no leaked info from any of Sacha's people for ages.

  Looking at the log files of this site it would seem that a lot of the Borat fans arrive at this site through search engines (Google an average of around 900 hits a month, AltaVista 60 and Yahoo 35). However, a big thank you to all of the other sites which link to me:

1. Ali G Movies - 210 hits
2. Private Eye Magazine - 170 hits
3. Dedicated Alan Partridge Site - 35 hits
4. Ollie's Borat Page - 30 hits
5. British Comedy Clips - 25 hits
6. Humor Links - 25 hits
7. Unofficial Sacha Homepage - 20 hits

A special mention the Unofficial Sacha Homepage which I know has been having problems with their ISP deciding to lose all of their files and leave them. Keep up the good work anyway Stephanie.

Also the What is your favourite Borat Moment? poll is coming along well. At the time of writing, the classic moment in the Guide to Sport when Borat tries to 'do a dirt' in the urinals is leading the way with 24% of all votes.

And finally, keep on emailing me with all of your Borat related comments. It's great hearing all of your views. And to the 4 or 5 people who have emailed complaining that the moment in which Borat asks the hunter if he "is a retard, a mongoloid?" should be up in the top 10 - then I probably agree with you.

01/02Click here to go to vote for your favourite Borat moment/02 What is your favourite Borat Moment?
  It is now nearly two years since Borat Karabzhanov made his first appearance on British television screens. Since the first five Borat guides were shown on the Ali G show we have had three further guides (English Gentlemen, Sport and Politics) as well as the Borat TV Show.

  The Unofficial Borat Homepage has put together ten of Borat's funniest moments over the last two years. We would like you to vote for your favourite.

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