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own show26/12/00 Borat lands one off show on E4 on 18th Jan 2001 
  As correctly predicted back in August by the Unofficial Borat site Borat has landed his own show. The one off show will be the climax to the launch night of Channel 4's new cable channel E4. It is suspected that this will include a mixture of unseen footage and previously seen Borat Interviews.

  The whole launch night is presented by Ali G and includes lesser attractions such as the new series of Friends and ER. In the words of Mr Ali G himself "TV iz ruined by fings like news and nature programmes. Dat iz why Channel 4 invented dis E4 fing".

ali g, aiii23/12/00 Win a limited edition preview copy of Ali G, Aiii
  The Unofficial Borat Site has been fortunate enough to be sent a copy of the new Ali G video to give away as a competition prize.

  To win the video please answer the following question by emailing webmaster@boratonline.co.uk

  Question: When interviewing the performers "Striptease Mon Amour" Borat described seeing a British pop act at a festival in Kazakhstan. Who was this? - Email you answer

(The deadline for entries is 31st Jan 2001 - I will get the postal address off the winner after the competition has been won)

do you want to know more?22/12/00 New Character from Sacha Baron Cohen?
  Rumours surface regarding a new character from Sacha Baron Cohen going under the working name of Steffan Schpunk. If these rumours are to be believed then it would appear he is a Gay Austrian Music Journalist with bleached blonde hair. 

22/11/00 Interview with a Borat Victim
  The Unofficial Borat Site pulled off the greatest coup in media history (with the  possible exception of the mrs heskell BBC Diana Interview) by having a chat with none other than Mrs Peta Heskeill from the "Borat's Guide to English Gentlemen" sketch.

  Peta is the Director of The UK Flirting Academy. They have a smashing little web site at www.flirtingacademy.com - give them a ring and mention the Borat Site and they will give you a special deal (probably).

20/11/00 Unseen Borat footage on video
  The video/DVD, Ali G, Aiii contains a previously unseen Borat Interview in which he tries to learn more about English Gentlemen.

14/11/00 Borat footage on new video, Aiii
  The new Ali G video/DVD is now in the shops.

30/8/00 Borat Gets His Own Show?
   There are rumours that Borat may get his own show.

24/4/00 Borat Banned?
Rumours surface in the press about the Kazakhstani Embassy being 'less than impressed' with Sacha Baron Cohen's new character Borat.

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