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26/12/06 DVD available 5th March 2007

Amazon report the DVD release date as Monday 5th March 2007

18/12/06 The Funniest Movie of 2006

The top Internet movie site imdb.com is doing it's 2006 movie polls. Borat is running away with the Funniest Movie award with nearly 50% of the current vote.

...and if it wasn't for Leonardo DiCaprio's performance in The Departed it would be a straight battle between Sacha Baron Cohen and Johnny Depp for the Best Actor award.

14/12/06 A Golden Globe or two for the man from Kazakhstan?

Peter Sellers, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Robin Williams, Bill Murray, Borat Sagdiyev?

The Golden Globe nominations came out today and Sacha Baron Cohen is on the short list for the best actor (musical or comedy) award. The film itself is up for the best motion picture (musical or comedy) award.

Unfortunately Borat could not comment on the nominations, instead Sacha Baron Cohen said,

"I have been trying to let Borat know this great news, but for the last four hours, both of Kazakhstan's telephones have been engaged, eventually, Premier Nazarbayev answered and said he would pass on the message as soon as Borat returned from Iran, where he is guest of honour at the Holocaust Denial Conference."

Of course this comes on the back of the following awards...

  • Los Angeles and San Fransisco Film Critic Best Actor Award (previous Caine, Murray, Giamatti, Ledger)

  • Top ten American Film Institute Film of the Year

  • A nomination for a Broadcast Film Critic Award for Best Comedy Film

  • A special Ronnie Barker award at the British Comedy Awards (youtube link)

...could an Oscar nomination be on its way?

11/12/06 Behind the scenes with Dan Mazer

There are five or six minutes of great video footage for Borat fans on the movie website fantasymoguls.com

Dan Mazer, long time friend of Sacha Baron Cohen and producer of all things Borat is interviewed. He discusses:

  • Deleted scenes from Borat the movie - including a naked scene more shocking than the naked scene

  • The movie release strategy by 20th Century Fox

  • Some criticism that certain Borat victims have aimed at the movie

- Click here to watch the video

Other behind the scenes info from Dan Mazer on this site includes a transcript from Sacha and his commentary on The Guide To Dating USA and the Dan Mazer boratonline interview.

01/12/06 You have your say - and you say "Throw the Jew down the well"

All November visitors to boratonline.co.uk have been voting for their most memorable Borat moment.

There has been an amazing response with over 2,000 unique votes. With this many fans voting, we'd like to think that the results are pretty much the official fans' voice on the matter.

Two clear Borat moments stood out from the thirty we put up for your selection. The winner with almost 25% of the votes was the now legendary Throw the Jew down the well song from The Guide to Country Music. In second place with over 18% of the votes was Borat's wine drinking antics from The Guide to Wine Tasting.

1. Throw the Jew down the well (24.8%)

2. Wine tasting and Polaroids (18.2%)

3. Killing bears for fun (5.3%)

4. Kazakh national anthem at the baseball (4.7%)

5. Rodeo and Polaroids (4.6%)

Winners of the t-shirts as provided kindly by TShirts365.com were Borat fans Maurice, Chobbs and Claire.

Obviously this poll was set up prior to the movie coming out - watch this space for a poll for your favourite Borat scene from the movie!

- The official top thirty Borat moments as voted by the fans

- Press release

24/11/06 Can we have a piece of the pie please?

Amongst all of the "same again" newspaper stories, Patrick Barkham writes a super article in the Guardian today.

- The Guardian - The Borat backlash

It discusses how a number of the "stars" in the Borat movie are not particularly happy about their overnight fame and are now wanting to sue.

From the etiquette coach to the college boys to the feminist lady - they all want a piece of the Borat pie.

The award for trying the hardest must however go to the Romanian villagers Nicolae Todorache and Spiridom Ciorebea who have hired US lawyers to file for $30m (£15.5m) in Manhattan's federal court.

"Our region is very poor, and everyone is trying hard to get out of this misery. It is outrageous to exploit people's misfortune like this - to laugh at them."

The Romanian village was used in the movie to represent Borat's home town. In fairness to Fox, locals were paid twice the going rate for extras, while the production team and Borat (Sacha) each donated $5,000 (£2,600) to the village, paid a location fee and bought it computers and school supplies.

...and other Borat news:

18/11/06 Kazakhstan is watching

Google Analytics stats from boratonline.co.uk show some interesting details of where the biggest concentrations of visitors come from.

As expected, Europe, Australia and North America send the most visitors to the site. But the graphic to the right shows an isolated point roughly half way between Western Europe and China.

80 unique visitors from Almaty, Kazakhstan browsed boratonline.co.uk last week. They stayed for an average of 2.55 page views.

Click the small map to the right for the world map in colour.

- Click to read a bit about this country from a Kazazkh Borat fan

15/11/06 "One of the greatest comedies of the last decade"

Borat fans must visit the Rolling Stone magazine this week and read all about Borat.

Lifting one or two quotes from their exclusive interview with Sacha Baron Cohen...

About the Kazakhstan government's criticism...
"I've been in a bizarre situation, where a country has declared me as it's number-one enemy. It's inherently a comic situation... I think the joke is on people who can believe that the Kazakhstan that I describe can exist -- who believe that there's a country where homosexuals wear blue hats and the women live in cages and they drink fermented horse urine and the age of consent has been raised to nine years old."

About Borat's anit-Semitism...
"Borat essentially works as a tool, by himself being anti-Semitic, he lets people lower their guard and expose their own prejudice, whether it's anti-Semitism or an acceptance of anti-Semitism.... I remember, when I was in university I studied history, and there was this one major historian of the Third Reich, Ian Kershaw. And his quote was, 'The path to Auschwitz was paved with indifference.'"

Rolling Stone magazine reporter Neil Strauss comments on the movie,

"...one of the greatest comedies of the last decade and perhaps even a whole new genre of film"

- Click here to read more


13/11/06 You gotta Roll with it

Rolling Stone magazine has pulled off an interview with Sacha Baron Cohen. boratonline understands this Sacha's only interview out of character promoting the Borat movie.

All this week they will be posting their favourite Sacha Cohen clips and excerpts from the interview.

- Rolling Stones Sachamania!

...and of course it'll be the cover story for next edition of the magazine.

Other Borat news today... our man from Kazakhstan hammered all of Hollywood for the second weekend in a (C)row at the box office.

Some actor called Russell Crowe and a chap called Ridley Scott made $4.8 million from their new movie. Jennifer Aniston's ex husband somebody Pitt did $5.7 million.

A little known British comedian who was once on the 11'oclock show did $29 million. Add Pitt and Crowe's new films together - double them and you'll still not even be close to what Borat took in it's second week. Great success.

- http://film.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,,1946569,00.html

12/11/06 Better than Spartacus!

15,000 members of the IMDB website have now voted on the Borat movie. It is currently ranked the 149th film of all time.

Interestingly, two thirds of those voting gave it 10 out of 10.

The movie is currently rubbing shoulders with classics like Ghandi, The Deer Hunter and Die Hard.

Borat is currently ahead of Spartacus (7.9) but 0.1 points behind Monty Python's Life of Brian (8.1).

Reg: If you want to join the People's Front of Judea, you have to really hate the Romans.
Brian: I do!
Reg: Oh yeah, how much?
Brian: A lot!
Reg: Right, you're in

And finally, Fox continue to upload deleted scenes to YouTube - nine deleted scenes in total now.

07/11/06 The Borat for an Oscar campaign starts here

Jackass 2 v The Borat Movie in a one to one battle for the best documentary at the Oscars? Sacha Baron Cohen for the best actor award? The campaign starts here.

Also, some super fan sites are popping up all over the net. BoratOnline shares the Borat love by promoting them all below:

  • boratweb.com - Well kept blog with all the latest stories

  • borat-son.com - All of the best YouTube.com content

  • boratwars.com - Top quality Borat Flash game

  • loveborat.com - Some blatant gypsy style copy and pasting from boratonline - but some good stuff to

  • borat-videos.com - The best Google Videos content

  • myspace.com/horats - An evil Borat imposter on the LA red carpet. Watch him pretend to be Borat and chat to the lovely Drew Barrymore and the not so lovely Larry Charles, Azamat and Borat himself

...and how did Borat get from obscurity to being the top man? The Borat Timeline has all the answers.

05/11/06 Borat Movie - Great Success - High Five!

Initial figures from ercboxoffice.com indicate that the Borat Movie sailed to the No.1 slot in the US box office on its opening weekend. Initial estimates are that it took in over $26 million. In second place with only $20 million in takings was The Santa Clause 3. What makes this more incredible was that Fox held back Borat only showing it around 800 theatres. Borat will expand to 2,500 theatres on Friday 10th across the US.

20th Century Fox Head of Distribution Bruce Snyder is quoted on the net as saying,

"The planets aligned, the moons aligned, the stars aligned, and everything came together perfectly for us on this weekend."

Other stats that are pleasing for boratonline.co.uk is that this little site stayed shoulder to shoulder with the official Fox movie website boratmovie.com right up the release date of the movie* - a special thanks to all Borat fans for sticking with us!

- boratonline.co.uk and boratmovie.com - web stats

* Independent source Alexa.com

04/11/06 You like? It's nice!

As Borat-mania hits it peak for the opening weekend, most reviews from the critics continue to be excellent. Make sure you get your tickets to see it.

02/11/06 Kazkahstan National Anthem on YouTube.com

YouTube.com continues to be the source of all things Borat. All of his recent interviews and appearances can be seen there (Ross, Letterman, Saturday night live...). But this little nugget was sent in by fan of the site Susie today...






And finally.... go to the cinema this weekend and watch the movie - you won't be disappointed!

26/10/06 The Borat London Premier

Boratonline was fortunate enough to attend the London Premier.

Drinking fermented horse urine served by some of the best prostitutes from whole of Kazakhstan it was nice!

I like.

Click here for the review

If you want to catch Borat on TV:

  • Jonathan Ross (UK) 27/10
  • NBC Today 30/10
  • Letterman 30/10
  • Conan 1/11
  • Jon Stewart 2/11

Check out YouTube the following day no doubt to see these.

In amongst the other press news I received the press release from the Kazakh ambassador's trip to the Oxford Union. But he's getting boring now and it seems he wants to be a bigger celebrity than Borat.

24/10/06 See Borat one day early... for charity

Odeon Cardiff, Red Dragon Centre, Hemingway Road, Cardiff
1 November. 6.00pm for 6.30pm start. Tickets £8.

Printworks Manchester, The Printworks, 27 Withy Grove, Manchester
1 November. 6.00pm for 6.30pm start. Tickets £8.

Odeon Southampton, Leisure World, West Quay Road, Southampton
1 November. 6.00pm for 6.30pm start. Tickets £8.

Vue Cinema Birmingham, Watson Road, Neachells, Birmingham
1 November. 6.00pm for 6.30pm start. Tickets £8.

Cineworld Edinburgh, Fountain Park, 130/3 Dundee Street, Edinburgh
1 November, 8.00pm for 8.30pm start. Tickets £8.

Vue Finchley Road, O2 Centre, Finchley Road, London
1 November. 6.30pm for 7pm start. Tickets £8.

- Ticket details

23/10/06 A big week for Borat

Round up of news stories...

  • Fox have continued their use of YouTube.com to promote the movie. The Borat Movie must go down in history as being one of the most successfully promoted films using the web *. Borat was the featured video today and had 210,000 views by 6pm.
    - Watch the first four minutes of the movie
    - Example YouTube.com fan video response
  • The BBC ran a "behind the scenes" feature on Borat today.
    - BBC Borat behind the scenes
    The chart to the right shows that even though it wasn't on the front page of the BBC website, it was the most popular story of the day.
  • His Excellency Mr Erlan Idrissov, Kazakhstani Ambassador to the UK, is due to address the Oxford Union this Wednesday, October 25th, at 8.30pm. Not all debates at the Union have been as massive as Borat though, smaller topics have been discussed by the likes of the Dalai Lama, Richard Nixon, Mother Teresa, Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein and Ron Jeremy.

    Sacha Baron Cohen went to Cambridge University (one of the three great universities according to Captain Blackadder, Oxford, Cambridge..... Hull). Cohen will not be attending as there will be the small matter a certain film premier in Leicester Square that night.

* Good examples - myspace, yahoo movies, imdb, borat.tv, youtube.
   Bad examples - Crap fan sites like this who are still at number one in the Google rankings!

19/10/06 Everybody dance now!

Round up of news stories...

  • Thanks to all of the Dutch Borat fans who emailed boratonline to mention the Borat interview on Dutch telly with Jensen.
    - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gleiidNSyzs
    Everybody dance now!
  • Thanks to James from The Guardian for the picture to the right. Read the story by clicking on the link below - an intelligent piece looking into how Fox got a bargain last minute deal for £30K for the football advert,
    "While Robinson was unlucky, they were lucky. Their clip came on just at the right time," said Jonathan Charles, the head of sales at the specialist sports advertising agency Skyville, which sold space on the perimeter boards in Zagreb. "They were only aiming at the UK market, but the studios were taken aback by the response - they had calls from the film's distributors in South America, Japan and China. They had all seen it."
    - http://football.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,,1925629,00.html
  • And finally the Kazakh officials have performed U-turn number 3 (or is that 4) and are  now saying once again they can see the funny side of the film. In fact they want Borat to visit Kazakhstan to see how lovely a country it is and how nice the wine tastes. 180 stories in the press on this one according to Google News. Boratonline will wait and see if Borat responds.
    - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6066040.stm

15/10/06 Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

The world continues to go Borat crazy, a quick pick of the best bits from the web below:

  • Sunday Times - Rod Liddle writes quite a good article on why Borat is loved by the political right and the political left. The right love him as they see him as anti-political-correctness and a return to Manuel style Fawlty Tours humour. The left love him as he implicitly mocks the West and cleverly exposes bigotry through his unique form of social comment. There's also a two page interview of Borat discussing bang bang in the anoos.
  • Entertainment Weekly - (See picture to the right). A two page interview and then six pages worth of commentary.
  • Contact Music - Borat speaks about his disgust at his picture being behind England 'keeper Robinson when he made that mistake. (See news story below).
    "I am very embarrassed that advert for my movie appeared behind this retard. "I have requested the British government that my movie poster does not appear behind his gallows when they execute him."
  • The Borat Board - Self titled "Borat fantatic" and boratonline.co.uk fan DanuisCaesar reports on seeing the film Haifa film festival in Israel. A standing ovation at the end and laughter even at the bits where Borat and his producer talk together in Kazakh... ...because it's not Kazakh, it's Hebrew.

11/10/06 More Borat Controversy

Croatia 2 England 0 - 'keeper Robinson put off by Borat video advert

Jagshemash. I like English wags. Sexytime!

100 years from now as people look back at England's worst ever goal Borat will be in the footage

By the way - the real Borat had left France and had moved to Germany

- Pictures of Borat on TV Total (thanks Jakob!)

- Borat on TV Total video on YouTube

- Borat to blame for Robinson mistake video on YouTube

09/10/06 Boratonline talks to Borat

Not quite an exclusive interview with Borat. But a French journalist emailed boratonline.co.uk and asked if I would answer some questions as he was going to a Borat press conference today. He wanted to do a Borat article but get a fan's view on him too.

I said yes if he would try and get a boratonline.co.uk question to the big man.

My question was:

"On Saturday Kazakhstan were beaten at home 0-1 by Poland in the Euro 2008 qualifying match. What was his countries reaction to this?"

I'll let the boratonline.co.uk French Borat news correspondent Leonard Haddad tell the rest of the story.

...the good news is I DID ask him the question, and of course, it was the best part of it all. At the very end of the conference, as he was getting ready to exit and was obviously reluctant to answer any further questions, he stopped when I mentioned the boratonline website. I asked him the question. He had an angry grin, and turned to the moderator saying:

"I thought made very clear that this subject not to be brought up. We will make revenge on them, we will crush on them. Polish people are weak people.
Kazakhstan, number one!"

Then on his way out, he turned back and, to my address, he added…

"F*ck you…"

And out he was.

- http://www.technikart.com/ (The French Mazagine)

- Click here for my answers to the journalist's questions

- Video of press conference (thanks Didier!)

04/10/06 Heavy Criticism in The Guardian

Erlan Idrissov, Kazakhstan's ambassador to the United Kingdom has written a stinging attack on Borat in today's Guardian newspaper.

What boratonline.co.uk thinks Mr Idrissov fails to comment on is that the joke is not Borat, the joke is definitely not Kazakhstan, the joke is the response Borat gets from Western society. When the westerner getting interviewed does nothing to correct Borat's insanely bigoted comment (or worse still joins in!) this is the shocking and sometimes hilarious moment. And the joke is on Western societies ignorance.

In terms of nations being sent up by comedy there have been examples of Mike Myers doing stereotypical English (Austin Powers), Scottish (Fat Bastard) and Dutch (Goldmember) characters. Steve Coogan's Portugese Tony Ferrino and Harry Enfield's Jurgen the German also spring to mind.

All of these characters were taken in good humour by the nations they openly ridiculed and they were not trying to make any satirical comment. It is a little strange that Erlan Idrissov and the Kazakhstan government can not take Borat in the same good humour and even turn Borat into something really positive in terms of a PR weapon for their country.

Finally, it should be noted that Mr Idrissov's comments to the BBC only last week were somewhat different,

"...I rather invite in the same spirit the listeners of this programme to take it as another joke. It is not true and we take it as a comedy. And in fact I think that Sacha Baron Cohen is not mocking Kazakhstan, he is actually mocking the prejudices, the bad taste and huge ignorance of certain groups in the societies in the West."

01/10/06 ..and what is this one? Cheese!

20th Century Fox New Zealand appear to be leaking deleted scenes from the Borat movie onto the Internet.

It is suggested that they are not spoilers as (1) they are not in the film and (2) they do not give away anything from the plot. But they are very funny.

The first is Borat quizzing a supermarket manager about what the items of food are in his shop.

The second is Borat discussing the health of his hram with a doctor. His now well documented relationship with his sister comes up.

- Click here to view these scenes

30/09/06 Have your say on Borat

As all of the world's media give their two pennies worth on Borat... why not have your say?

The excellent BBC Have Your Say website is currently running a discussion on Borat. Interestingly enough the most highly rated comment at the time of writing was this quite sensible one below...

"I am am half-Khazak and I find Borat hilarious as do my family over there. We think getting upset about it is like getting upset about all the English baddies in rubbish American films. There are always stereotypes and they can be funny.

We think the government should take advantage of this cheap publicity and launch a campaign joking about Borat. I remember that Skoda successfully threw off its dodgy image through a campaign that made fun of itself. This is a perfect chance!

Khazak people are lovely, warm and welcoming as other posters have mentioned. This is a perfect chance on a world stage to tell people about the country when they're actually interested in it for once!

29/09/06 Boratastan

After years of getting wound up by Borat, Kazakh officials have finally changed tactics and admitted that they see the funny side.

BBC News report that the Kazakh embassador to Britain said "People in Kazakhstan laugh at the same things as people laugh at everywhere in the world". He went on to say that the film could actually be good for Kazakhstan "I believe that all publicity is good for business, so indirectly people are encouraged to explore the country for themselves".

The Kazakh press secretary Roman Vasilenko actually made a joke about Borat, "He is not a Kazakh. What he represents is a country of Boratastan, a country of one".

This is all a big change of direction from the legal action Kazakh officials were threatening after Borat's appearance presenting the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2005.

Borat himself has also been keeping himself busy. Pictured to the left is Borat at the gates to the Whitehouse handing over an special invitation to George Bush to see the film. Bush could not accept in person as he was busy entertaining the Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

21/09/06 Borat slowly starts to take over the world

  • Borat has landed the front page of both GQ magazine and Vanity Fair as the publicity drive steps up for the movie in November.

  • The Borat movie is being promoted as the main event of the MySpace Black Carpet screening series. See fan review below *

  • The Guardian reports that the Borat movie UK Premier will be a part of the 50th London Film Festival towards the end of October.

  • Boratonline understands that Borat will be on the UK Jonathan Ross show on Friday 27th October (in character).

  • Pictures are getting sent to the press of Borat looking up ladies skirts! - work that media ML :)

  • But best of all is when boratonline.co.uk gets a little something from one of the fans. Fan of the site Reidar from Berlin took the photo to the right of a huge Borat grafitti painting under a motorway bridge in the middle of the city. It's nice!

* I just wanted to say that I got to see the myspace.com premiere of the Borat movie in Kansas City last night. It was honestly one of the most brilliant and hilarious movies I have ever seen. About fifteen seconds into it, I realized I was sitting next to the guy who laughs way too loud at everything, including things that aren't funny. I was all bummed out about this, thinking he would ruin the movie, as those people tend to do. About five seconds later I realized that he would be completely drowned out through the entire thing by everyone else in the theatre, including me, laughing until they couldn't breathe. I had gigantic expectations for this movie, and it met and succeeded every one of them. Totally out of control, and unbelievable. I can't wait for November 3rd to see it again. aic34

14/09/06 See Borat for free five weeks before anyone else

boratonline.co.uk has a spy deep inside Kazakhstan, a small Uzbekhi boy who knows Bilo Borat's retarded nephew. This source has told us that there will be FIFTEEN secret screenings of the Borat movie across the UK on Wednesday 27th September.

So calling boratonline.co.uk fans who live near Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leeds, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Bristol and London. Click on the link below:

- https://www.movie-borat.com/homepage.welcome.action

And enter the top secret (not any more) code :


boratonline.co.uk understands that the Kazakhstan Ministry of Film Making has been working around the clock to make the projectors work for more than 25 minutes.

Borat himself commented on the infamous Toronto Film Festival projector,

"It was brand-new machine brought over special from Kazakhstan for this event. We do not know who fault it was—the blacksmith who build this projectors blame the candlemaker for use poor-quality wax in the lantern, and the candlemaker blame the boy who was pedaling it for go too fast and blow out the flame. They will all be execute and then tried in a court of law for this crime"

08/09/06 Borat comes to the rescue in Toronto

The premiere showing of Borat at the Toronto Film Festival was almost a disaster last night.

Fan of the site Sonja reports on her blog that the projector broke 25 minutes into the film and the crowd went from cheering and laughing to booing. Michael Moore and Larry Charles came to the front and tried to cool things down and entertain the crowd.

However, the real Borat (pictured left) saved the day by coming on stage waving a Canadian flag and doing stand up and audience interaction for 15 minutes.

  • Borat flirted with girls on the front row, "How much?"
  • He told the crowd, "People in Kazakhstan make sexy time often and heads of state get to use the little hole"
  • And commented on the quality of the projector "Canada and Kazakhstan have a lot in common"

All in all though, all publicity is good publicity and Borat is making the news worldwide because of this. In addition, by Borat being there in character and saving the situation, he seems to have done himself no harm at all. The movie will be re-premiered on Friday.

To read Sonja's account of proceedings click below. Of particular interest his how she managed to sneak into the theatre to see it without a ticket. Borat will do an execute!

- http://sonjaaa.livejournal.com/

To read a pretty good article by David Poland click below:

- http://www.mcnblogs.com/thehotblog/archives/2006/09/a_little_less_b.html

06/09/06 NY predict a riot

The New York Times today reviewed the Borat movie. This site won't cover every major review of the film, but this one is quite a thought provoking piece and predicts that the film will cause quite a stir worldwide.

It also gives a good insight into some of the behind the scenes stuff behind the film.

  • "Mr. Baron Cohen, who is appearing in Toronto as Borat, declined to be interviewed for this article and will be conducting interviews ahead of the film only in character."
  • "Borat" was to some extent made outside the Hollywood system. Fox kept the film off its production list and created a separate company, One America, to be the nominal producer.
  • Mr. Baron Cohen also ran into creative differences with his first director, Todd Phillips, who left the production last year, while the film shut down for five months.
  • During the shoot Fox ignored numerous protests from the Kazakh Embassy in Washington, whose officials were concerned about the depiction of their country as prejudiced.

The article does contain spoilers - but it's worth a read - click below:

- Read the New York Times review of the Borat movie

16/08/06 EXCLUSIVE - Borat in Brixton?

Boratonline.co.uk understands that there will be two special screenings of the Borat movie in Brixton Ritzy.

If rumours are to be believed then Borat fans could possibly logon to www.seefilmfirst.com and enter the code 72381.

Rumours are that the screening dates are 24th and 29th of August.

Time for liquid explosion!




06/08/06 More sexy time for Borat fans

Sexy Time 1: Full Borat trailer now online

Two and a half minutes long, very polished and very funny. When the 20th Century Fox logo comes in and the music starts it just gets the anticipation going for the release of the film.

Two great bits in the trailer that demonstrate how funny the movie is. The first in a typical interview Borat is chatting with an expert in comedy who is trying to teach him to be funny. Borat is deliberately getting things wrong, but in doing so is being 100 times funnier than the funny expert. The second is at a dinner party where he tells two of the ladies present how pretty they are and how they would be loved in Kazakhstan. However, he then points at one of the less attractive ones, another man's wife, and says "you, not so much".

- http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/borat.html


Sexy Time 2: Official Borat myspace.com site

Possibly the ugliest website in history, but some classic Borat banter.

Favourite movies: "Womanman Doubtfire", "Robot cop", "Garraid Mcguire"

Alcohol/Smoking: I enjoy drink alcohols and smokings cigarette. I like - why not?

Education: I have degree from Astana University in English and plague research. I make 3 new ones. One was release in Uzbekistan and kill over 50 thousands goat.

- http://www.myspace.com/borat

01/07/06 High quality official trailer now available to download

Click on the image below:

"I come to America!"

- More information on the film here

Stop press (14/8) - Gemma from Fox's online marketing agency has been kind enough to contact boratonline.co.uk and tell us that fans can download this for their own use from the links below - right click "Save target as..."

Windows Media Player - 15MB download

Quick Time - 15MB download

Real Player - 15MB download

The official marketing blurb for the film is...

"In BORAT, Sacha Baron Cohen - star of “Da Ali G Show,” takes his outrageous Kazakhstani reporter character Borat to the big screen. In this hilariously offensive movie, Borat travels from his primitive home in Kazakhstan to the U.S. to make a documentary. On his cross-country road-trip, Borat meets real people in real situations with hysterical consequences."

And the long suspected release date of November 3rd 2006 is confirmed.

Unfortunately the recommended website where Borat information can be found is quoted as www.borat.tv :(

26/06/06 Sign of The Times

According to The Times boratonline.co.uk is the second best Sacha Baron Cohen website on the Internet.


Normally newspaper articles just use boratonline.co.uk content without mentioning the site - but thanks to Olav Bjortomt from The Times for the big up. The number one site was apparently www.borat.tv (the official site).

Another good measure of what the best sites are is Google.

A search for borat on Google shows some great sites in the top 5. Wikipedia, IMDB, the official Borat site and the HBO official site.

As Google weights search results on factors such as number of visitors and the amount of times a site is updated then this list of 5 isn't a bad list to go by.

14/06/06 BoratOnline reviews Borat the Movie

On Tuesday 13th June I was lucky enough to be invited to the first test screening of the Borat Movie in the UK.

For the last six years I have tried to keep my opinion to myself and simply report on what Borat does. That keeps things nice and easy as I don't have to think and simply upload some transcripts, interviews and screenshots online.

However, I've had a go at doing a review of the film. I've tried to stay impartial and give an honest assessment...

Da Webmaster

Click for the boratonline.co.uk review

12/06/06 Borat Teaser Trailer now online

The official Borat (teaser) trailer was first shown prior to The Omen in the USA in the first week of June.

It's now on the Internet and should be on the official Borat site in the next few days.

Click on the image to the left for some screenshots and the transcript to the trailer.


05/06/06 The whole world loves Borat *

After Borat The Movie had its first major screening at Cannes last week nobody has had a bad word to say about Borat.

When Ali G went from the small screen to the big screen the reviews of the film where pretty mixed [1, 2]. However, a scan of the Internet shows nothing but praise for Borat the Movie. A selection of reviews can be read below:

  • The Observer - "Nothing else prompted such unanimous praise"

  • Daily Mail - "Borat the movie is a hilariously insensitive riot that leaves no insult unturned..."

  • Fox News - "...the funniest, lewdest, coarsest and potentially most gigantic hit of the year"

  • Rotten Tomatoes - "Borat made all of our top lists, incredibly enough..."

And then last night the MTV Movie awards went crazy for the man from Kazakhstan as he made an appearance.

Best breakthrough performance artist Isla Fisher (left) had some especially kind words for Borat,

"I'm looking forward to seeing Borat - he's performing tonight, and he's very funny."

"He's very good-looking and I just want to make out with him."

Fisher is engaged to British Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. Inside sources currently indicate that Cohen is a little unhappy about rumours of a potential romance between Borat and Fisher.

* Stop press 10/06/06 - Correction, not all the world loves Borat! Reports in the press today indicate that Christina Aguilera was not impressed with Borat's jokes at the award show. She reportedly heckled him as he spoke to the crowd. It is possible that some offence was taken from Borat's comments:

"Good evening gentlemen and prostitutes", and then when promoting his upcoming film he informed the crowd that it had "jokes about Jews... for children".

Unfortunately the complimentary tickets and first class flight and hotel reservations to Cannes didn't arrive at boratonline.co.uk headquarters quite in time!

11/05/06 Another exclusive interview for BoratOnline

You want me to defend against the Jew's claw attack???

One of the funniest Borat scenes ever is when Borat visits Baseball team The Savannah Sand Gnats he ends up in the mens' changing rooms.

After admiring the naked men in the showers Borat feels ready to challenge one of the players to a wrestle. The lad does not really have a choice as Borat tries his hardest to wrestle him to the ground.

Back in November 2004 we posted the BoratOnline hit list of the top five people we wanted to interview (1) Lady from dating agency, (2) Ginger student, (3) Lady Chelsea, (4) Baseball wrestler and (5) Sacha Baron Cohen.... we heard nothing...

Until today, click here for the full interview.

09/03/06 Some great Borat clips on Google Video

There are some great fee to view clips of Borat on the new Google Video site.

Various Borat fans worldwide have uploaded some of the Kazakhstani's finest moments. These clips include footage from both the early Channel 4 British stuff and the world famous HBO material.

To watch these videos click on the image to the left or on the hyperlink below.


- http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=borat

05/01/06 Borat movie passes screen test with flying colours!

On Friday 3rd February the movie "Borat" was screen tested in front of an audience of 400 at Marina del Rey in California, USA.

A number of BoratOnline fans were at the showing and they emailed the site yesterday absolutely full of enthusiasm for the film.

We have now created a special page previewing the film. However, please do not click to view this if you want to keep the film a surprise. The page does contain numerous spoilers.

Click here for preview of the movie "Borat"

"It was hands down the best film. We've coined it as "Breaking the waves" meets "Jackass" meets "Bowling for Columbine". There is never a dull moment, it is by far the most offensive and hilarious thing I have ever laid eyes on. The crowd went insane from start to finish and afterwards... everybody was still dying just remembering moments from the film."
BoratOnline fan who saw the film

As always, anyone with any inside info - please email webmaster@boratonline.co.uk in total confidence.

29/01/06 It's 2006 and here comes the Borat movie!

Borat fans are in for a treat this year with the release of "Borat" by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Larry Charles (Seinfeld) and Produced by Jimmy Miller (Elf) it will be released later this year. The first publicity shots from the film are shown below.

Writing credits are given to Sacha Baron Cohen and Dan Mazer as expected, but also Peter Baynham who has worked on Alan Partridge and The Day Today and Anthony Hines who has written for Dennis Pennis.

So all an all a pretty strong line up, so boratonline.co.uk is looking forward to a great film later in the year!


Other points of Borat note:

  • Paul Brummel, new British ambassador to Kazakhstan was quizzed about Borat by the Kazakh media:
    "What Sacha Baron Cohen is trying to do is not to represent Kazakhstan in a bad light through his eccentric antics, but to show prejudices still existing in the British society."
    So Sacha may get that invite to Tony's next "cool Britannia" tea party after all.
  • boratonline.co.uk was devastated when Kazakhstan missed England in the Euro 2008 football qualifying draw. Just imagine the potential for Borat comedy moments.
  • The "Crazy Borat" has been in touch with the site again to mention he has done another Borat MP3. A really well done remix of "Throw the Jew down the well" building on the excellent crazy frog/Borat mix he did last year.
    - http://www.myspace.com/crazyborat

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