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23/12/04 Win the Ali G Indahouse DVD

DVDSacha's people have given BoratOnline a copy of the Ali G Indahouse DVD to give away to a Borat fan.

This DVD is from the Ali G film. Visit the offical website for further information - http://www.aligindahousedvd.com

Borat makes a cameo appearance in the film that has some very funny moments and co-stars Tim from The Office. The highlight of the DVD is probably the commentary from Ali G that is well worth listening too over the film.

Anyway, to the competition... BoratOnline doesn't want the prize to go to anyone. They must be a proper Borat fan so the questions below are pretty hard. So if you fancy your chances then answer the following questions by Friday 14th Jan 2005.

1. What was Borat's pet pig called?

2. Who is the famous footballer from Liverpool that Borat mentions in one of his introductions?

3. Name the baseball team Borat visited in the USA?

4. What was the name of the detective Borat says he played in Kazakhstani TV drama?

5. What nationality is the boy who "collects" when Borat does his other job as an "animal puller"?

6. What is your username on the BoratOnline Discussion Board?

7. Can your DVD player play Region 1 DVDs from the USA?

Email your answers to dvd@boratonline.co.uk

Thanks to Nikki for the competition DVD and the complimentary copy too. Really appreciated!

18/11/04 Exclusive Borat Cartoon!

Borat cartoonOnce again BoratOnline pulls another exclusive gem out of the bag for all the Borat fans out there!

Borat fan Sohail created the animation as part of his final year studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. It is extremely well done, the artwork is excellent and Sohail has got the lip synching just about perfect.

Click on the image to the left for more information on how to view the clip. It's a 1.2MB .mov file so you can download it quite quickly and even email it to your friends. It'll play using QuickTime or Real Player.

Huge thanks to Sohail and a big plug for his www.sheepnut.net website. Thanks again to www.thatwasme.net for hosting the clip!

6/11/2004 Do you know any of the following people?

Regular visitors to BoratOnline know that we have an excellent Behind the Scenes area of the site where we post exclusive interviews with Borat victims who can laugh about it after the event.

Karate expert Danny Passmore, Flirting coach Peta Heskell, Gun shooter Ken Goldberg, Series Producer Dan Mazer and others have all been interviewed here.

Well, we're not happy with just that. We want more. If you know any of the following people, or if you ARE any of the following people - then send an email to webmaster@boratonline.co.uk if you're willing to answer one or two questions!

1. Lady from Dating Agency

Jenny Noel from Great Expectations Dating Agency is a true professional, Borat is at his worst (best!) explaining how he would crush an unfaithful woman and that he is big like a can of Pepsi.

Even as Borat explains his future wife must have plough experience and have no history of retardment in family Ms Noel stays cool and handles it with class throughout.

2. Ginger Student

Borat visits Edinburgh and a group of comedy hopefuls, '‹ber Sausage'.

The comedy hopefuls have a shy ginger haired member in the corner of the room. Borat then proceeds in hitting the young man three times.

All in the name of comedy of course!

3. Lady Chelsea

The very first Borat episode ever. The British public were sat back watching what they thought was just Da Ali G Show when this mental bloke from Kazakhstan came on getting lessons on how to be an English Gentleman.

The lovely Lady Chelsea tried her hardest with him but couldn't believe it as he told her about who he slept with the previous night and what he had just done on the toilet. The man from Kazakhstan proceeded to try and instigate a burping competition and downed each glass of wine in one.

It's nice! I like!

4. Borat's wrestling partner

When Borat visits Baseball team The Savannah Sand Gnats he ends up in the mens' changing rooms.

After admiring the naked men in the showers Borat feels ready to challenge one of the players to a wrestle. The lad does not really have a choice as Borat tries his hardest to wrestle him to the ground.

One of the funniest Borat moments ever.

5. Sacha Baron Cohen

Apparently this chap has something to do with Borat and is quite close to him.

An interview with him would be the icing on the cake!

Email webmaster@boratonline.co.uk if you think you can help!

20/10/04 Borat's Oklahoma City Council Speech

City CouncilThe Behind the Scenes section of this site now has a link to the full seventeen minute long address that Borat made to the Oklahoma City Council.

If you are a Borat fan then this is amazing stuff, it shows how our friend from Kazakhstan can go from being 100% genuine to saying the most crazy things in his innocent way.

How even through his most offensive moments he is extremely polite and respectful. How he struggles with the English language but is trying so hard to learn!

Thanks (again) to CringeHumor.net for helping out with this clip!

To read a transcript or download this sound clip, click below:

Click here for Oklahama City Countil Speech


15/10/04 The Borat Photoshop Challenge

An amazing number of entries into the Borat Photoshop Challenge. And the entries were viewed by over 20,000 visitors in a month - everyone that entered can give themselves a pat on the back and this just shows the amount of Borat fans out there at the moment!

Anyway, the top three were:
(Click on image for larger coloured view)

1st place:

IBorat from Gordian

Gordian wins a Borat t-shirt from tshirts365.com (who sponsored the competition).

This entry won by a mile and I must admit would have got my vote too. Skilfully done and the play on words Robot/Borat was nice too. A deserved winner.

Whah Whah Whee Whah!


2nd place:

Borat and Bush from fa real

Who says that President Bush hasn't got close relations with the rest of the world's leaders?

For legal reasons we must point out that this picture is NOT real (we think).


3rd place:

Prisoner from Kazakhstan from Chris

A rush of email votes towards the deadline of the competition pushed this into the top 3.

A coincidence? Or all of Chris's mates?

We'll never know, but quite an amusing picture and actually the one emailed to me that sparked off the idea for the competition in the first place.


Click here to view all of the entries - some other great pictures worth browsing through!



Many thanks to Paul from tshirts365.com for agreeing to give a Borat t-shirt to the winning entry!



22/11/04 Borat, Bear Bile and Seal Penises!

With Da Ali G Show showing in the UK now and with the UK newspapers looking for some cheap stories for their inner pages Borat has appeared in The Daily Record, The Mirror and even scaled the dizzy heights of the Metro free paper!

Basically re-hashed workings of the old "The Kazakhstani Embassy is furious!" or "The Jewish Anti-Defamation League is furious!" or "Republican James Broadwater is furious!" are reported.

A Channel 4 insider is quoted as saying "Sacha was sending up Americans watching Borat for their lack of knowledge of foreign affairs. It was not a dig at the Kazakhs."

Possibly the funniest thing to come of it was in the Metro paper's letters page on Tue 21st September. These unbelievable letters are shown in the screenshot above right. CK Yoe's rant about bear bile and seal penises has to be a wind up from some Borat fan - if you're reading this then BoratOnline salutes you Mr Yoe!

Press Information:
If any further newspapers want to use this site for research then write a half-arsed article for your paper, then you can use the following quote from the site in your story.

"Sacha is just having a bit of fun, it could be worse - he could be talking about bear bile and seal penises"
Stephen Sagdiyev, boratonline.co.uk

One actual decent Borat article can be read in the New Yorker by clicking here. Written by fan of the site Daniel, he give BoratOnline credit on his blog at: http://www.radosh.net/archive/000927.html

And finally, the Borat interview with Republican James Broadwater can be viewed as a movie for free at Norman's site who is also a fan of Boratonline - http://homepage.mac.com/njenson/movies/borat.html

Further searching of Norman's site shows that he probably won't be voting Republican in the upcoming election - http://onegoodmove.org/1gm

07/11/04 Borat "Season 2" Soundboard now available!

CringeHumor.net have made a Borat Soundboard including all of the very best lines from Season 2. Highly recommended to all Borat fans. Click here.

29/08/04 The Borat Photoshop Challenge

Has anyone got any talent using Photoshop or Paintshop Pro? Can you create an image that shows Borat in a funny situation? The best four or five images will be posted on the site properly at the end of the September. For now either email it me webmaster@boratonline.co.uk or better still, stick it up on the discussion board.

Click here to see the entries so far.


For ideas of what can be done with a little talent and a sense of humour, see the excellent site b3ta.com.

24/08/04 A New Discussion Forum!!!

To celebrate Borat's second run in Da USA coming to a successful conclusion The Unofficial Borat Homepage brings you a new amazing discussion forum. We've now jumped out of USSR early 1990s web technology and have a forum where you can post pictures, have avatars, have polls, send private messages and everything else. A massive, massive thank you to Kent Traffic Cop who did the hard work for me setting it all up.

In the words of Series Producer Dan Mazer when interviewed by this site, "We (Sacha and I) often visit (the site and the discussion board) to see what people like and don't like, so for us its an invaluable resource."

So get on the message board now and talk about how good Borat is. Or how bad you think he is. Or how racilist he is. Or then again, we can have about eighteen threads discussing how you spell Jagshemash and whether it is Kazakh, Polish or Czech... Whatever, this is your space on the site, let's hear what you think about the sixth most popular man in Kazakhstan!


23/08/04 Interview with Howard Stern

A review of the interview Sacha Baron Cohen did with Howard Stern is now posted. Click here to read this.

21/08/04 Thank you!

As Borat's trip around Da USA comes to an end for the second full series on HBO, just a little thank you message to all of the fans who have sent in emails with kind words about this site! It really is appreciated and it is nice to know that others get something out of it, an example of such an email is below and is from Dan:

"I just wanted to drop you a line and offer kudos for the Borat website. I found it through Google and spent about 2 hours at work reading it, often laughing out loud uncontrollably and being glared at by the lady who works at the desk behind mine. The interviews with victims of borat is a very nice touch and incredibly interesting."
"I don't often e-mail people randomly but I was touched by the time, effort, and passion that has been poured into this loving tribute. Is nice, I like."

And finally a thank you to Paul from tshirts365.com who posted a complimentary Borat T-shirt to me. Click here or on the image above for further information on getting a Borat t-shirt.

15/08/04 (More) Good news for US Borat Fans

The DVD "Da Compleet First Seazon" is released in USA and Canada on 17th August.

For details on how to buy, see Amazon.com or shop around some of the advertising links to the left of this page for a cheaper price.

Excellent reviews of the DVD and its extra features is given at DVDTalk.com and DigitallyObsessed.com.

What may interest Borat, Ali and Bruno fans the most is a commentary of the first episode, with Sacha Baron Cohen and producer Dan Mazer. Apparently loads of notes on how each character is created and how the show is shot are shared. If any fan of the site would like to email me with these details once they have seen the DVD then I'll post them up.

Of course, if any of Sacha's people want to send me a complimentary copy they can get in touch.

12/08/04 Behind the scenes interview with Danny Passmore

The Unofficial Borat Website lands yet another scoop! An exclusive interview with Danny Passmore. Danny was the Self Defence Instructor in Borat's Guide to Hobbies in the second US series of Da Ali G Show.

When it comes to self defence, Danny knows what he is talking about as he is certified as an 8th degree Grandmaster in American Street Karate, a 7th degree in Taekwondo and a 6th degree in Hapkido.

A lot of Borat fans have commented that Danny dealt with Borat better than any other "subject/victim" to date. This website agreed and was delighted when he agreed to an interview.

Click here for the full interview.

07/08/04 Good news for UK Borat Fans

Channel 4 | Fri 13th and 20th Aug | 21:30 | Borat's Television Programme

Sacha Baron Cohen's less conspicuous but equally hilarious alter egos Borat and Bruno emerge from the shadow of Ali G for two of their own Channel 4 specials, taken from the satirical show that has wowed US critics and audiences alike on HBO.

BoratOnline understands this show to be a mixture between the clips currently being shown in the USA on HBO and some live interaction between Borat and a studio audience.

UK viewers will be able to see Borat show pictures of him and his sister to the wine tasting society, his infamous interview with Republican candidate James Broadwater and of course the "In my Country..." song that is creating such a stir worldwide.

telegraph.co.uk review


05/08/04 Borat's song "In my Country..." creates a stir

Hot on the heels of Borat's interview with James Broadwater, our man from Kazakhstan pulled his most bold stunt yet. Deep in the USA he went to a country music club and performed what he said was a traditional Kazakhstani folk song. The lyrics went from complaining about the state of the countries traffic system to insighting countrymen to grab Jews by "their horns" and throw them down wells!

Of course Sacha (Borat) can get away with this (just) being Jewish himself, but the reaction of the crowd was incredible. One or two did look a little shocked, but the vast majority joined in on the chorus.

There are a few movie files and mp3s doing the email circuit at the moment. Visit the links below to download the clip and judge for yourself what must be Borat's boldest stunt.

www.ThrowTheJewDownTheWell.com - Thanks to fan of the site Matt who emailed my this link this morning.

http://students.ou.edu/H/Geoff.D.Hansen-1/ - Thanks to Geoff, who has been feeding me good Borat information from the USA. On his site, you must download the file as a JPG and then rename it to a WMV file for it to work.

04/08/04 "Fighting words" from Borat

Borat and Da Ali G Show could really be in serious trouble after his controversial activity over the first three episodes of the new show.

Incredibly Roman Vassinlenko, press attachť, Embassy of Kazahkstan (sic) has written and complained to the US political newspaper The Hill. To read the article in full click here.

"Particularly disgusting is Mr. Cohenís portraying of Kazakhstan as a land of Stone Age people who mistreat women and hate Jews".

"Yet, in these times of great peril and tension, Mr. Cohen and his show should really know where to draw the line. Humor of Mr. Cohenís type is vicious and comes perilously close to fighting words".

If this is a real letter and not a publicity stunt (ref 1, ref 2) then pressure could be put on HBO to pull Borat out of the second series of Da Ali G Show.

Link to Embassy of Kazakhstan to the USA and Canada: http://www.kazakhembus.com/ - (thanks Kenny B!)

15/07/04 Borat takes the USA by storm

Click here for interview with NPR's Robert Siegel - 24/07/04

The above interview is not with Borat, but it's Sacha being interviewed for NPR.org. Many thanks to for the tip off by email from thatpunkpolter.

Borat has had a busy week in the USA promoting the new series of Da Ali G Show.

15 July - The New York Times

Excellent interview with New York Times journalist Virginia Heffernan.

Click here to read it.

The site also has some audio footage to download.

Screenshots of Sacha on the John Stewart show - thanks Sassanix.


14 July - Conan O'Brien Show

Latest - Screenshots of Borat on the show - thanks Arne Arne.

Latest - The guys at CringeHumour.net have pointed BoratOnline to the following link so that Borat fans can listen to the interview:

Click here for Borat interview with Conan O'Brien

Sacha's first ever interview "as Borat" (he normally does Ali G). By all accounts a cracking interview that has left fans of Conan O'Brien divided on whether Borat was brilliant or out of order and disgusting.

In the words of Jim from the USA...

Sacha did about ten minutes in character as Borat.
- Borat explaining that his traveling companion was detained at the US Border because of his history of "sex crimes". He then attempted to get Conan to do a high-five (multiple times) in appreciation of sex crimes.
- He invited Conan to stay at his home in Kazakhstan where he would have free use of Borat's wife. He described his wife as "tight as man's anus".
- In return, he expected an invitation to stay at Conan's house in NY. He asked Conan if his wife was pretty or if she had deformities.
- Kazakhstan has seven swimming pools (two with water completely to the top) and the woman with most abundant pubic hairs.
- Borat describing that he made a "liquid explosion" prior to coming to the show.
- On fellow guest Queen Lathifa : "I would like to make love inside of her" and make a "liquid explosion". When Conan began to explore the topic, Borat emphasized "NOT with force" and then attempted to get a high-five for sex crimes once again.
- The 80's drama "Dallas" has recently begun airing in Kazakhstan and a local talk show host recently scored a major coup by interviewing "Sue Ellen"
- Borat is sleeping in his rental car while touring the US.

12 July - David Letterman Show

Borat appears as Sacha Baron Cohen for more of a serious interview.

Ground breaking news that Borat's moustache is real. It takes Sacha six weeks to grow it.


Congressman: I'm running for United States Congress in District 2.

Borat: (You are) a strong man. He will crush his opponents and (you) will be powerful like Stalin and not tolerate people who are bad.

Congressman: Well, actually, I wouldn't compare myself to Stalin ...

Borat: Will you vote for my friend?

Female passer-by: Well, I probably will, but I don't ever tell people who I vote for before I vote.

Borat: If you do not vote for him, he will take power!

Female passer-by: Well, it depends on whether he gets enough votes or not.

Borat: I will not leave until you swear on the eyes of your child that you will vote for him.

07/07/04 Back for Season Two on HBO!
Click to go to the HBO site.Borat is back! Da Ali G Show Season Two begins in "da USA" on July 18 - 10.30pm ET on HBO.

More information should appear on the HBO website:

- Ali G HBO Official Homepage

- View the trailer for the series

Sounds like Borat has been secretly creeping around "da USA" hoping that he can trick more people without too many fans of his recognising him. We leave you with the following fans tale:

"You may find this interesting. I live in Laurel, Ms. Tonight I was attending a beauty pageant at the local junior college and the emcee announced that a film crew from a foreign country was there doing a documentary on beauty pageants in the U.S. When the lead member of the film crew stepped on stage to speak, my husband and I almost died. We immediately realized it was Borat. And yes, he used profanity on stage as those in the audience gasped. I walked out into the lobby and walked up to Borat and said, "I know that you are not with a film crew from a foreign country...you are on HBO. He looked puzzled and continued to speak with an accent. His side kick also spoke with an accent. I said, "Come on guys. I know your with HBO. Borat whispered, "Please do not tell anyone." I went to the ladies room and when I came out Borat's side kick was standing there and asked me to walk outside with him a minute. He was no longer using an accent...he asked me how many people were with me at the pageant. I said, "Just my husband." He asked me not to tell anyone at the pageant who Borat was."

Linda Gavin

Good stuff Linda!

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