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The Unofficial Borat Homepage

Top Borat Moment #27
"You have nice tits!"

From the Guide to English Gentleman - This episode did not make it into the UK series but was shown on the E4 launch night. Borat is getting flirting lessons from a "flirting coach". The "flirting coach" Peta Heskell was kind enough to chat to the boratonline.co.uk after the episode. To read her thoughts click here.

Borat - To be English Gentleman I need English Lady. This why I meet Mrs Heskell who teach me how to flirt. So I can do a sex with English girl.

(Cuts to Borat sitting next to Mrs Heskell, an attractive plumpish woman, in a room)

Borat - Who come to learn to flirt?

Mrs Heskell - Well, people like you. (She touches his arm and giggles. Borat smiles back and giggles)Borat learns how to flirt

Mrs Heskell - You see, I just had to do that (she touches his arm) and you went flirty!

Borat - Yes I like!

Mrs Heskell - You see when you meet someone - you look around them and pick something you can compliment them on. So if you look at me now, think about something you like about me and just... say...

Borat - Errrrrr... You have nice tits!


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