The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Unofficial Borat Homepage

The Borat Timeline

April 2000
April 2000 - I had a good shit!
Borat appears on Da Ali G Show. The first run of shows includes guides to Etiquette, Hunting, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Henley.

November 2000
Unseen Borat footage is included on the Ali G Aiii DVD, this includes the guide to being an English Gentleman.

January 2001
The Borat Television Programme is shown on E4. This includes Borat showing off his family to the viewers.

May 2001
March 2001 - Two BAFTAsSacha Baron Cohen wins two BAFTAs for Best Comedy Creation and Best Comedy Programme for Da Ali G Show.

November 2001
Unseen Borat footage is included on the Ali G Bling Bling DVD, this includes the guide to Sport and Politics.

March 2002
Borat makes a cameo appearance in the film Ali G Indahouse. He calls Ali G a c*cksucker.

July 2002
Nearly 1,000 Borat fans vote for their favourite Borat moment on boratonline.co.uk. The clear winner is the scene in the guide to Hunting where Borat is asked why he hunts bears, "For fun" is his answer.

February 2003
February 2003 - Please stand for the national anthem KazakhstanBorat debuts in the USA on HBO's Da Ali G Show. The first series includes guides to Dating, Etiquette, Men, Acting, Baseball and The South.

April 2003
boratonline.co.uk publishes an exclusive interview with Borat producer Dan Mazer. This is the first interview with anyone about the then publicity shy Borat.

December 2003
Unseen Borat footage is included on the Ali G In Da USAiii DVD, this includes the guide to Animals.

July 2004
Sacha Baron Cohen appears on the David Letterman show for his first ever interview "out of character". Previous Cohen interviews had always been conducted as Ali G.

Sacha Baron Cohen appears "in character" as Borat for the first time on the Conan O'Brien Show. Other media interviews also take place with The NPR, The New York Times and on the John Stewart Show.

July 2004 - In my country there is problemThe second series of Da Ali G Show is shown in the USA. This includes guides to Wine Tasting, Politics, Country Music, Hobbies, Buying a House and Jobs.

August 2004
Borat's guide to Country Music causes international uproar due to the moment where he encourages a bar in Arizona to sing an anti Jewish song about throwing Jews down wells. The Borat-mania peaks with a news item on CNN and then an interview on the Howard Stern show.

The previously unseen Borat guide to Hunting is shown in the UK. This was apparently dropped by HBO at the last minute in the USA for being to controversial. In the guide, Borat leads a hunter into a discussion about killing Jews.

January 2005
News of an upcoming Borat Movie breaks. Filming is reported in Vancouver at a rodeo show where Borat nearly causes a riot by singing an offensive version of the American national anthem.

September 2005
News breaks that Borat will be the presenter of the 2005 MTV Europe Music Awards in Lisbon.

November 2005
The Kazakh Foreign Minister comments that he finds Sacha Baron Cohen's MTV performance utterly unacceptable. Borat replies to this on his official website by also heavily criticising the Jew Baron Cohen too.

February 2006
Screen tests of the Borat Movie take place in California to rave reviews off the fans.

September 2006
The Borat Movie premiere at the Toronto Film Festival suffers a hiccup when the projector breaks. Borat is there in character and performs an ad-lib session instead.

November 2006
The Borat Movie is launched across the world. In the US and A it is released to 800 theatres and sells out across the board. It is far and away the biggest hit of the weekend pulling in over $26 million. Great success.

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